The Secret Garden Top


Oh my lord I’m so excited about what arrived in the mail today! We Are Handsome’s The Secret Garden top from Coggles! Yay!

It took exactly 2 weeks to arrive in Australia from the UK and my god is this top cool.

I’m thinking this might just be my Groovin The Moo outfit (which is less than 1 month away). My only concern is how sunburnt my shoulders and mid-drift could get.

Regardless, I have many places I could wear it and have already tried it on with a large portion of my wardrobe. So. Many. Options. One in particular I’ll be doing is this amazing top with my black Zimmermann skater skirt and some awesome pumps.

God I love We Are Handsome’s stuff. Next on my wish list: their snow leopard print!

NYE wearing The Showman

So as I previously blogged about, I purchased and wore We Are Handsome dress The Showman out on NYE. I loved wearing the dress, it was really comfortable and the print is awesome. I wore my hair down and created curls using a GHD and attempted a slight smoky eye using chocolate and dark blue eyeshadow. My Betts Dorothy pumps that Nan bought be for Christmas matched perfectly and I just used my good old Eclettica black clutch so I could carry my camera. For jewellery I wore white gold chandelier earrings and silver and black gem bracelets.

The Showman mini dress by We Are Handsome

Betts Dorothy nude pumps (gold/silver glitter)

Whole outfit excluding clutch


We Are Handsome: The Romantic 2012

Australian brand We Are Handsome has released pictures of their 2012 range called The Romantic and I’m already excited for these pieces to hit my nearest stockist (that is if I don’t get impatient and buy it online first!)

I’ve already sussed out what items I’ll be gunning for (pictured below) and you can check out the rest of their upcoming range on their website.

The Secret Garden corset bikini and The Lover shorts – absolutely gorgeous

I love a fab mis-matched bikini and this one is screaming my name! The Secret Garden print is feminine and also a bit sneaky if you look closely enough. I’m also addicted to rose scents, prints and basically anything else rose related so of course I adore The Lover shorts.

The Secret Garden sleeveless mini dress

A sleeveless We Are Handsome dress is just what my wardrobe needs (seeing as I already have too sleeved mini dresses from the past two collections). Gorgeous print, perfect for the tropical climate I live in. God I love this! They’re also doing leggings in this print however I don’t know if I’m brave enough for it. Maybe if I find a great charcoal tank to go over the top I will. We’ll see.

The Lillium deep V one piece and The Fighter shoulder top

The fact that We Are Handsome is doing floral prints really is quite exciting. I’m not usually a floral girl however their prints are a bit different from normal such as the above Lillium print. I also love the snow leopard print that is The Fighter – fierce!

The Secret Garden panel one piece

The Secret Garden panel one piece

Fingers crossed they hit stores soon!


The Showman

We Are Handsome The Anchorage mini dress

If there’s one brand right now that’s going to undo my savings goal it’s We Are Handsome. If you haven’t heard of this amazing Australian brand yet then I suggest you click here ASAP!

We Are Handsome The Showman mini dress

Created by Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Jules, the brand is pretty much wearable art. The digital prints on their dresses, one-pieces and bikinis are unlike any other I have seen before. Plus, not only are the prints are high quality, but the materials they use are absolutely fantastic.

Indhra and Jeremy of We Are Handsome

I first discovered the brand through a local boutique in Townsville called Jaxx. During my exam study boredom I discovered a picture on Jaxx’s Facebook page of a dress (by We Are Handsome) with hot air balloons on it (The Dreamer mini dress) and was instantly gobsmacked by it. After commenting on the photo to find out where the dress was and if my size was kicking around I immediately drove to the boutique to find it. You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I left the house early in the opposite direction to where I was headed purely to search for a dress that may or may not have looked good on me or may not have been in my size. Luckily that was not the case. What really interested me was the fact the dress was made out of similar material to that of a good bikini. If you read any of my previous posts or tweets you’ll already know that I bought the dress then and there. While finding underwear to wear under the dress due to its pale colour was initially a challenge, I had so much fun wearing the dress that it made it all worthwhile.

We Are Handsome

The material was on of the reasons wearing We Are Handsome’s dresses are great. I live in an extremely hot and humid city and while it’s only the start of the heat I didn’t get too hot and sweaty dancing crazily through the night.

We Are Handsome The Vintage 2011/2012 – Left: The Anchorage mini dress

So my reaction to reading Jaxx’s Facebook status about new We Are Handsome landing in store: I jumped in my car and drove straight there. It was a difficult decision but I ended up putting a dress on lay-by. I chose The Showman mini dress over The Anchorage (which is also amazing). Infact The Anchorage print is so fabulous I may need to consider investing (yes, investing) in the one-piece bikini version of the print. I plan on wearing my lovely Showman dress out on NYE and I should (keyword) be the only one wearing the dress considering Jaxx only got one of the print in. I’m so excited to wear it and I’m already planning how to accessorise it!

We Are Handsome

Party Central


Last Saturday night I headed to The Grates concert at a local venue with plans to hit up the annual Fetish & Fantasy Ball afterwards. Since my amazing We Are Handsome dress hadn’t yet seen the light outside my up cupboard I decided to wear it out even if it wasn’t perfect for the occasion.

The dress is so skin-tight that a g-string was highly visibly underneath but I luckily had an extremely seamless pair of normal undies which luckily didn’t show. I paired the outfit with my Witchery clutch and some clog-like heels from Tony Bianco in a nice brown colour, because unfortunately I had no other heels that were both super high and matched.

While We Are Handsome hovers around the AUD$200 price range, they have some fantastic prints on offer in all their collections and the price is definitely worth it. You’ll be very comfortable and you’ll have heaps of fun wearing their great prints. The number of compliments I received about the dress was crazy—but then who doesn’t like colourful hot air balloons?


I wish I had visited Betts before I wore this dress out, however. The above pair of shoes are the nude coloured Dorothy pumps and, wow, aren’t they amazing! Next pay cheque I know what I’m investing in!

With a size 5-6 foot I often have difficultly with shoes, and my size often changes depending on the style (5 for open toe, 6 for a closed toe pump). Luckily, I fit the size 6 perfects and found the medium width of the shoe really helps to make it more comfortable.

10.5cm high with a 2cm platform, these babies are super comfy and will surely stand the dancing-till-dawn test. Once I get my hands on a pair I will be rocking these with my We Are Handsome dress for sure! Other colours are available as well as a strappy style and a wedge style; so if you need some sparkle in your life head on over to Betts ASAP!

p.s. Excuse the messiness of the room in the picture, my brother is super messy and I don’t have a full length mirror in my own room!

p.p.s. If you haven’t seen The Grates live then you need to. I believe they sound better live than they do on CD–not to mention the forever energetic Patience Hodgson (lead vocals) really knows how to perform.