“Sorry, there’s no shotgun in retail”

My father has always said to me on the topic of shopping, “if you’re not sure, wait a few days. If it’s still there when you come back, it’s meant to be”. Recently, I’ve twisted this to, “if you’re on a budget, wait a few weeks. If it’s still there when you can afford it – yay you”. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been working out so well.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a mild Witchery obsession at the moment (probably something to do with it being new to Townsville and me experiencing the initial over-excitement and obsession that comes with it). Gorgeous nude coloured heels – will usually match everything & have a use, especially in my closet. Flowy silk dresses – highly unlikely to experience neglect. Two cute pieces that I really quite wanted.

Alas, I’ve made a pact to myself to save a large sum of money before Christmas and being the accountant’s daughter I am, I’ve put myself on a strict budget. This budget does not allow much spending money, let me tell you. Not when you shouldn’t be heading out having fun due to uni exams and the goal to travel to Japan next year. So I waited, thinking they would stay there, just for me.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to work like that. Clothes seem to be a bit like lovers: some of them will wait for you, some of them will not; and some of them might be right for you but will only ever be ‘the one that got away’. Neither of those lovely pieces are in store anymore and what’s annoying is, because I haven’t spent money on fashion, somehow, money is spent on unnecessary things on accident, e.g. drinking alcohol and eating fast food. I don’t know how this works. Despite being rather adept at accounting and economics, I don’t know why a lack of clothes buying leads to an increase in junk food buying instead of more savings. The relationship just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, I’m certain I’ll find something else to want (I can’t help it, I am human after all) and the cycle will repeat itself in some shape or form again.

The endless fashion cycle

I’m no longer sure whether humans are capable of not wanting anything. Our whole lives seem to be made up of it. I for one am definitely subject to continually wanting things. More specifically: fashion. Working around all gorgeous labels as I do, I always seem to have a wish list going.

The other day this lovely dress Japanese woman came into work. She was wearing a cream and black striped Lisa Ho dress (I would tell you the name but I can’t remember it) with little black brogue shoes and this ever so lovely Country Road messenger bag. Ever since then I’ve been thinking, “I NEED/WANT a messenger bag”, and the Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium leather satchel I’ve pictured is the current one I’ve been obsessing over. Out of my price range but I will be searching for a style very similar to the Proenza Schouler one.

Every time I feel like I’ve stopped wanting something, something else comes along. There are just too many cute clothes items on the market these days! Lately I’ve indulged in a few pieces and I’ve included photos for some of them. Starting with the most recent; I finally own True Religion Brand Jeans denim! A very sweet pair of white denim shorts. I got them for half price at The Sale Shop in Townsville and while they’re half a size too big, I already love them. They’re still selling on the True Religion site, however, if you can find them locally, they’re probably a better price.

True Religion Joey Classic Cut Off Short

Next up is a gorgeous necklace from another local store in Townsville’s mall. At Milou Dress House I found a turquoise cross on a leather chain for $19. Bargain, I say. With rosary beads a hot item on the market at the moment, this turquoise cross necklace is a nice alternative.

Milou Dress House Gabby Wears turquoise cross on a leather strap necklace

Princess Polly has now opened up in Townsville. Originally a Brisbane and Mackay based store as well as E-boutique, the store is located in the CBD on Denham Street. This week alone the store appeared to have been painted, fitted, filled with clothes and then opened to trade. If you’re in the area it’s worth checking out. There are some lovely pieces such as this Shape Shifter dress. Although, I preferred the black with little white flowers version they had in store.

Princess Polly Shape Shifter dress

I decided not to get the shape shifter dress simply because in a week or two I’ll be wearing my camilla and marc letter frock, which is amazing and therefore, I won’t need another a strapless maxi to wear just yet. The Princess Polly dress I did buy was the Veronica Dress in rose-pink. It’s very 80’s inspired and as much as I love the 80’s, I don’t think I’ll be wearing my black Tony Bianco punk/gladiator-esque stiletto’s with them just yet. Instead I’ll be pairing them with my lovely tanned Natasha platforms and my Louis Vuitton clutch.

Princess Polly Veronica Dress in Rose Pink

A few weeks ago I was at a friend’s 20th birthday, when I saw one of his friends dressed in black skinny jeans and an oversize/baggy grey tee with a big black sequined bow on it. Ever since then I’ve been on a hunt for a grey baggy tee with a black bow and have come up short. Then suddenly, Miss Ruby gets new Wildfox Couture in and voilà, the search is over. Needless to say I snapped it up straight away, as did everyone else who laid eyes on it within 2 days of it arriving in store. I plan on teaming this cutie with my JBrand pitch leggings and some black Tony Bianco heels for an understated sexy look.

Wildfox Couture Black Bow V Neck T in Diamond

Hopefully, I won’t be spending any more money in the near future, as I need to start saving so I can shop in Melbourne in January and Japan in June/July. Although, I will have my eye out for a nicely cut black jacket, similar to ones in the last season of Karen Walker and a simple black skirt that’s appropriate for all occasions.