Witchery Indulgence

A few weeks ago, during a clothes splurge day, I came across a great little summer ensemble at the lovely Witchery. These sweet little high-waisted black shorts are dressy enough for a night out or any smart casual event and are super comfortable. I’ve been searching for a nice pair of black shorts for a ages and while these don’t exactly fit the image of what I’m looking, they’re still a great buy and so far go with everything in my wardrobe.

A girl can never have too many tank tops in my opinion. Preferably in multiple colours and styles to suit absolutely ever occasion. With my current favourite colour being nude, I thought this sweet little pink/nude top would go nicely with my summer wardrobe. It comes in different colours and I may have to put a toe out of my budget to invest in another colour.

What made these finds even better was the fact that Witchery had 30% off for member that week. While the outfit full price only costs $89.90 ($19.95 for the top, $69.95 for the shorts), the members offer meant I paid a lovely $63. So if you come across a great basic outfit that will suit everything in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to invest because you probably won’t regret it!

Witchery washed cheeky shorts with a basic pink/nude tank