Outfit update


Forever New top, Jay Jays high waisted shorts, YSL arty ring, Natasha sandals and RayBan folding wayfarers.

It’s starting to get quite hot in the tropics and it’s technically only spring. The great thing about this outfit is not only is it cool and easy to wear, it was also under $100 for the top and shorts.


Lioness dress, Tony Bianco Shoes, Eclettica clutch

This is my newest number from Princess Polly. The dress was $70 (I think) and is a thicker jersey-like material. So while it’s probably not the coolest dress — given summer is around the corner — I figured if I’m going to be hot, I might as well do it looking hot.


Zimmermann floating Vase bikini

A new bikini for summer — what could be better? This is my second purchase from Surf Stitch and my gosh they deliver quickly. I’ve loved this floral pattern since I first saw it and finally I decided to indulge a little. Pretty good fit, but I wouldn’t like to wear this top in rough surf or anything.


Ba&sh top, Paige Premium Denim shorts, Repetto flats, Ray Ban folding wayfarers

Possibly one of my favourite casual outfits right now. It’s so comfy and chic and effortless; not to mention it’s great for the cold classroom to steamy outside transition between classrooms at uni. I will probably wear this till it’s falling apart and looking daggy as all hell.


Today’s Outfit: Christmas Day

I always like to have a new outfit to wear for three events of the year: my birthday, Christmas day and new year’s. Luckily this year on my super-limited-pre-Melbourne-trip-budget I found a great dress for $60 from Princess Polly.

The brand is Paper Holly and they’ve done the cut of dress in quite a few colours and prints—I chose the pinky/beige with a floral print. A word of warning about this dress, the bust space is ridiculously small. I’m normally an Australia size 6 or 0 depending on how it’s sized (US2), however there was no way the 6 was going to do up past my waist. I purchased the size 8 but after wearing it all day I decided that I probably could have gone for a 10 (except it’s likely a 10 waist would have been too big) as I was feeling like I was wearing a corset.

Regardless, I love the dress and will simply get it taken out a centimeter or two when I have time.


ASOS Window Shopping

After spending over a month straight going to bed between 12am and 2am thanks to uni work, exhaustion has caught up with me and given me the flu. Instead of going out and continuing the celebrations that mark the end of the uni year, I’m stuck at home ‘resting’. What better way to spend a Saturday night in that sussing out cute clothes and watching some TV?

ASOS is a great site to hit when you’re in a shopping mood simply because they have so many options on offer. So here are some cute pieces I felt the need to share with you all! Oh and did I mention they’re all under $100AUD?

For a cool night out with the girls, pair this blue beauty with some tan heels and gold accessories.

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Long Sleeve Belted Wrap Front Dress

Every girl needs a few dresses that can go from the boardroom to after-work drinks. Wow them all in this red number.

ASOS Mini Tulip Dress with Flute Sleeves in Red

Wear with brogues and braids for a conservative-gone-artistic chic look.

ASOS Shift Dress with Embellished Trim in Navy/Silver

What a gorgeous colour! Like a lime flavoured icy-pop in the summer sun. The perfect dress for shopping and lunch dates with the ladies. I’m definitely considering purchasing this number to cheer me up!

ASOS Belted Dress With Scoop Neck in Antique Moss

Party the summer nights away in this show-stopping frock. This shade of plum is simply divine and so very fun. Don’t go OTT by pairing with a black clutch and heels and understated jewelry.

TFNC Bandeau Sweetheart Sequin Dress

Another dress I’m really wanting right now is this lovely white number. There’s just something about this dress that gets me. Maybe it’s the fact you can accessorise it with lots of black without looking like you’ve just stepped out of a goth’s wardrobe? Whatever it is, I like it!

ASOS Tailored Pleat Lapel Crepe Dress in Cream

Anyway I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Maybe if you’re tired tomorrow from too much fun you can find a great frock for next week!

Online Shopping Pretties

Just a quick blog/study break with a few things I’m lusting after right now. Oh how I wish my budget looked like it does normally!

Camilla and Marc dress from Revolveclothing.com. I would totally wear this as a guest to my brother’s formal if my bank account was looking a bit better and I wasn’t so concerned about looking like one of the students. The colour is amazing!

camilla and marc janita dress in jungle green

I love Paige Premium Denim’s verdugo jeggings also from Revolveclothing.com. They’re slightly thicker than J Brand jeggings but just as comfy and they’re oh-so soft! I have a burgundy colour already but wouldn’t mind this lovely magenta colour as it’s the kind of colour that goes with everything! Plus they’re a little bit attention grabbing, but not too much.

Paige Premium Denim verdugo jegging in magenta

Next up are some gorgeous Witchery sandals. They look great on and I love the multiple coloured ankle strap. Just add a sweet little top, short shorts and a small handbag and you’ll be ready to roll! I’m currently torn between buying these or a cute pair of sandals from Country Road. As the Twitter world would say, first world problem, much?

Witchery amelia woven sandal

If you too are bored and needing a break from study during exam period, it’s definitely worth checking some of these items out; perhaps you can buy now for a post-exam treat in two weeks? X

Witchery VS Barkins

A month or so back I discovered on a blogspot blog (which I can’t remember the name of, oops!) a lovely pair of geometric printed shorts pair with a mustard yellow button up shirt and tan heels. I discovered that the shorts where from Barkins and cost a mere $29.95. Bargain!

However, today I was looking through the Witchery website and what should I find? The same geometric print shorts in a slightly different design. Witchery’s version is priced at $89.95.

I have tried on the Barkins pair and was hoping that, despite the fact they only size down to an 8 in majority of things, they would be closer to a size 6 than the 8 on the tag and therefore I could nab a pair. This was not the case. I simply couldn’t fill the shorts out (much like the fact I can never fill out a pair of Barkins shoes – apparently budget Barkins shopping will never happen for me) and because they were too big they merely made me look dorky. The material of the shorts wasn’t the best either, but when you’re getting a lovely pair of printed shorts for $30, you shouldn’t get too picky. It got me thinking that while the Witchery shorts are more expensive, they do go down to a size 6 and are possibly a better material. However, I have not seen a pair of these shorts in real-life and am yet to determine if this is true. One downfall of the Witchery shorts (despite the fact they’re more expensive) is the fact they don’t appear to be high-waisted, whereas the Barkins pair are. This could potentially alter the cute-level of the shorts but none-the-less, I feel I must go investigate these for myself and make an informed judgement. Either way, they’re very cute and short printed shorts are perfect this summer. Wear them with a neutral-tone top, cute sandals, big brown sunnies and long wavy hair for the perfect summer look.

Witchery Geo Print Cuffed Shorts

Barkins Printed Shorts

Excuse the size of the images, I couldn’t find any pictures except for tiny little thumbnails!

Festival Fever!

In roughly 1 week’s time I will be kicking off summer holidays and what better way to do it than a festival! Full Noise Festival will feature acts from Wolfmother, Bliss n Eso, Art vs. Science and many more. I’m expecting it to be quite fun! Needless to say, I had to plan my festival outfit in advanced. My new red vans are perfect for dancing it up all day long and preventing a broken foot from being stood on. I’ve never been a fan of festival outfits that leave you burnt to a crisp the next day, so I opted for a cute owl print top by Something Else by Natalie Wood from Universal Store which go nicely with my black high-waisted Supré shorts. Just add red lip-gloss/lipstick, a shoulder strap bag & I’m good to party. Comfy & cute! If you’re attending a festival this summer, make sure you don’t forget to slip, slop, slap – there’s nothing sexy about red raw skin, and of course have fun.


Full Noise outfit - Something Else extinction sucks tee, Supré black high-waisted shorts, red Authentic Vans, wayfarers & red lippy



The Blouse Hunt

Cute Witchery top

You know the feeling of walking into your cupboard and realising you have an abundance/lack-of a certain style or type of clothing? Well that happened to me the other day when I realised that I have no gym shirts and no going-out/good blouses. I just have an extremely over-supply of casual-uni-appropriate tops. Then I realised, “woah, lots of dressed, LOTS of shorts and a few pairs of jeans… but not many work appropriate tops”. I only go to uni two days a week and Sunday is the only day I don’t wear nicer clothes because I have the day off work. The over-supply seemed complete unnecessary. My latest fashion mission: hunt down and purchase cute tops for gym and work.

The gym one was easy – thank you Lorna Jane. Literally, they were the only place with decent gym clothes that a) look good b) are easy to move in and c) are cool enough in this humid tropical climate that your back doesn’t turn into a waterfall of sweat.

Now heading into the middle of summer in a tropical climate, you would think there would be heaps of cute little blouses around right now. Not the case. I searched all my usual jaunts in order to find something and came up very short. I want/ed something classic (simple cut, no spaghetti straps), in either white or cream and if I had to, I’d even settle for black. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune and it had to be flattering on. Anything that caught my eye was out of my budget and wasn’t 100% what I was looking for; everything else got a big fat cross in the prerequisites list.

Eventually, I found a lovely singlet top. It’s something a bit dressier from Witchery but only ticked a few of my prerequisites – cute cut, nice colour (but not the colour I wanted) and smart casual. It goes great with my Natasha tan heels and my JBrand jeggings.

So if anyone comes across some cute, summery, cream or white blouses please feel free to tell me. My wardrobe is desperate 😉