Re-entering the blog world

After my lecturer gave my broadcast journalism class a large lecture about not using any of the wide range of mediums out there to improve our writing abilities; I have been bullied back into the blogging world. Probably a good idea, considering I’ve only managed a handful distinctions.

Now I used to have a blog, but that was a while ago. I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t being put too much use considering I have a hectic work and uni schedule.

That being said, I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I’m Rosie. A second year Bachelor or Business/Bachelor of Journalism student. I have a mild obsession with fashion and I plan to become a fashion journalist and eventually own my own retail boutique. At the moment, I’m employed by one of the higher fashion menswear stores in the city, which is linked to two higher fashion womenswear stores (one of which I was originally employed by before they swapped me to the mens store, the other which I cover the lunch shift for) and a shoe store (which I used to look after when I was employed by one of the Womenswear stores).

Chances are this blog will mostly be about fashion, occasionally business (probably economics considering its my major for business) and then some other random stuff. I’m still getting back into this, so I have no idea how to write or how to make this sounds riveting, so bare with me.

I only have one article published so far, but this is the link to it: