Cup Day 2012

The local cup day causes a lot of fashion buzz for weeks and sometimes even months in the lead up to the event. While I liked my outfit and figured it was highly appropriate (despite it being taken up about 1 inch shorter than I wanted), the fashions on the field judges apparently didn’t like me wearing a straw fascinator in ‘winter’. Never mind that winter in the tropics is so hot sometimes you could pass out from heat exhaustion (in fact I even experienced this first-hand when I passed out from heat stroke last winter on a rather hot day). And despite red being seen nearly everywhere at the cup, not a single girl or guy wearing a hint of red made it through to top 10, let a lone top 5.

Nonetheless, I had a great time and I even won money on horses. Most of my outfit was a bargain — each item was under $100 — except the fascinator, which was $290. But I learnt the hard way last year that you’ve got to be careful who you get to make you a fascinator. After $100 went down the drain on a badly made fascinator that was not only the wrong colour but also the wrong shape and badly glued together, I decided the ladies at the local hat shop had obviously been operating there for years for a good reason. Given my first experience with them 2 years prior was amazing, I will never again stray from the people who make my (fashion) life easier.

The dress was $100 by Madewell from Shopbop (although the tag does not say Madewell, so that’s odd), and the shoes were $40 from Betts (purely accidental finding too), and the clutch is my beloved new red Eclettica clutch which came with the cutest note from the Eclettica girls in Sydney.

Next year I am upping the ante and finding something months in advance that will (hopefully) blow the competition away. Fingers crossed!


With a friend who also did FOTF with me.




( ^ Clearly non-photographer boyfriends have no clue on good lighting or angles)