Natasha’s Autumn/Winter collection 2010

Until I started at my current place of work, I had never heard of Australian brand, Natasha. Formed in 2003, the brand has some absolutely amazing pieces. I discovered them during their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Along with the gorgeous tan platforms I blogged about in my previous post, I got a gorgeous bamboo print silk maxi dress that has cute outs on the sides of the ribs. As well as a nomad (khaki) coloured A-shape dress also in silk. Both are ridiculous comfy and wash really well. Good, considering my washing machine has recently decided to wage a war on all my clothes; therefore, anything that isn’t silk keeps getting the colour leached out of it.

Today, I decided to have a look at Natasha’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection online. My god – there some amazing pieces. Natasha is great in the way they have both soft and feminine styles and some dark and bold ones too. This season, is all about the darker colour. Dark purple hues, black, amazing deep blues, gold, studs – all in the form of silks, cottons and leather. Lace and jersey can also be found in the collection. One of my favourites is the Soft Jersey Drape Back Dress in Dark Purple, although, the black is also gorgeous. Another favourite is the cats eye dress in black/gold and the matte gold square bead embellished short dress. Natasha’s leather shorts made from soft lamb-skin are a noteworthy piece in the collection. I would, however, be concerned about staining them because cleaning leather clothing is a bit arduous. Check out the A/W ’10 collection here.