Jay Jay’s denim

Now I don’t really ever shop at Jay Jay’s, except maybe the odd basic. However on my lunch break the other day I went for a gander there and found a lovely pair of mid/high-waisted denim shorts. They caught my eye because they’re a lovely cut and a nice traditional pair of denims. However I was surprised to discover the denim quality was really quite good. Definitely a great pair of shorts for a festival.



Playsuit Mayhem

Ok, so I may just have a slight obsession with playsuits right now. In my defence, playsuits rarely ever fit me – so in other words, while my body is in the right proportions for a girl of 156cm, my torso and legs are usually still too short for some outfits (such as Zimmermann’s Tender Calligraphy Dress).

I found the lovely Zimmermann silk pictured below in the Brisbane boutique on Adelaide St. A lovely little store; it’s a bit exciting to think I have a relatively close boutique to my hometown (even if I have to catch a 2 hour flight to visit it).

The playsuit isn’t online (either it’s sold out or simply hasn’t gone up/never went up) so I was determined to be frugal enough on my trip so I could get it. And I did. Probably the Accountant’s daughter side coming out in me.

Awesomely enough, the playsuit matched my new red London Rebel heels perfectly. Unfortunately I did not have a red bag, nor could I find one I liked enough, to complete the look. So instead, as you can probably see, I had to use a black bag which still looked lovely. 

I tried keeping the look sleek by wearing my hair to the side, minimal gold jewellery and just a bold red lip. Some of that is a bit hard to see in the picture, I know.

The night ended up being great fun and I felt super comfy knowing I was sort-of wearing shorts. It made running to catch the train a bit easier, for starters. 

I’ll be wearing this outfit again as soon as I can and will hopefully find plenty more ways of wearing it. XO


Xmas Wish List

Well it’s exactly one month until Christmas and my family and I have started dropping hints about what gifts we want for Christmas. We’re one of those families who rarely surprise each other and instead get each other the things we’ve been lusting after for ages but haven’t gotten ourselves. What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Perhaps a holiday, a lovely candle set, or maybe some perfume. Let me know what you’re wishing for by commenting on this post!

Below I’ve shared my Christmas wish list for everyone to check out. Enjoy!

Country Road Pierra Sandal in Fossil Wood. I’m certain a girl can never have enough neutral coloured flats of all descriptions.

Another Yves Saint Laurent arty ring to add to keep my white one company, this time in a nice blue. I can’t get over how addictive these rings are. I swear I wear mine every day.

J Brand Lola Shorts in Stealth. Who doesn’t love a great pair of leather shorts or a great leather skirt?

And if you saw my blog the other day, Betts Dorothy pumps in nude and the Stussy Florence Lane dress in mustard are also both high on my Christmas wish list.

Here’s to hoping we’ve all been good this year and that Santa brings us what we’re lusting after and wishing for!

The first tentative step into online shopping

Yes, it finally happened. I made my first online clothes purchase today and it was a little bit scary. Not only because I hope the AUD$171 True Religion denim shorts I bought fit, but also because I hope I don’t become one of those people who become addicted to online shopping – especially considering my bank account barely manages as it is!


True Religion Joey Cut Off Thigh High Short in Dakota Sky Dark


Ever since I discovered Revolveclothing.com (where I purchased the True Religion shorts) I’ve been fascinated by the range of options that are on offer. The city (or rather, town) where I live has only a fraction of these brands, therefore the online world opens up a whole new realm of options. As someone who works in retail, it does make me feel bad. I feel like I’m cheating on my favourite and most trustworthy stores.


See by Chloe Girls Make Boys Crazy T-Shirt as shown on asos.com



But perhaps this is the strange in-between stage experienced by many when they start shopping online. Perhaps my uncertainty about my self-sizing abilities will drift away and my hunger for more unique brands at better prices will start to thrive. For now and until I’ve been and returned from Japan, I’m keeping any online shopping cravings reigned in close. However, you never know, I may become an avid online shopper in the future. Only time will tell!

Witchery Indulgence

A few weeks ago, during a clothes splurge day, I came across a great little summer ensemble at the lovely Witchery. These sweet little high-waisted black shorts are dressy enough for a night out or any smart casual event and are super comfortable. I’ve been searching for a nice pair of black shorts for a ages and while these don’t exactly fit the image of what I’m looking, they’re still a great buy and so far go with everything in my wardrobe.

A girl can never have too many tank tops in my opinion. Preferably in multiple colours and styles to suit absolutely ever occasion. With my current favourite colour being nude, I thought this sweet little pink/nude top would go nicely with my summer wardrobe. It comes in different colours and I may have to put a toe out of my budget to invest in another colour.

What made these finds even better was the fact that Witchery had 30% off for member that week. While the outfit full price only costs $89.90 ($19.95 for the top, $69.95 for the shorts), the members offer meant I paid a lovely $63. So if you come across a great basic outfit that will suit everything in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to invest because you probably won’t regret it!

Witchery washed cheeky shorts with a basic pink/nude tank