MBFWA S/S 12/13

Some of my favourite pictures coming out of fashion week right now. There will be more to come, these are just a few of my faves from the Wed morning shows!

Life With Bird
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Kate Waterhouse — God, I love this look. Those heels are just divine!


Harper and Harley blogger Sara Donaldson


Sass & Bide’s Sarah Jane Clarke


Breath-taking Zimmermann


Life With Bird


Life With Bird


Alice McCall


Lovely street-style pic



Sass & Bide Wishlist

I’ve been staring at the Sass & Bide site for a few days now, wondering what I prefer most and what I should treat myself to. So far, I can’t make a decision — so many different outfit possibilities. So I thought I’d share my wish-list with you all.

Firstly, I’m lusting after some amazing black pieces. More specifically: the master pant, the side of life jacket, and the flashback top. Gorgeous, simple, and chic.


Next, I’m currently wanting new jumpers to add to my already too large collection for someone who lives in the tropics. Realistically, two hoodies, a knit jumper, two jackets, a leather jacket and three cardigans is more than enough in a city you only really need a jumper for a month in winter and when you go to the supermarket or movies. Such a fashion girl problem, right? I must admit though, as cute as the one to watch long sleeve tee is, I just adore the it’s just a memory top more because of the sequin back. I can picture them perfectly with chunky gold jewellery, purple coated skinnies and a chunky black heel and bag.




Leather bustier. Need I say more about this one? It’s a tad sexy, and I love it (although not for wearing myself. I wonder if I could get one of my friends into this one).


I don’t normally like tops like this one, with the denim combo, but I just adore this for some reason. Possibly something to do with the creamy silk it’s contrasted against. Similar to the sequin knit, pair with chunky gold jewellery, black skinnies, a potentially leopard print pumps for added spice. Despite it being a little far from my usual style, I surprisingly like the idea of an outfit like this on myself. But I can imagine this would look good on quite a few people.


Don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favourite Sass & Bide pieces are right now too!

Today’s outfit: drinks with friends


Top: Sass & Bide
Skirt: Kookai
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: YSL ring, Lovisa bangle (from set), Olga Berg clutch

A simple but chic outfit I put together to go out last night. Dressy but not too dressy and quite comfy too (except I need a tighter hole punched in my belt so was basically anti-sucking in all night). I plan on wearing this again to a 21st in Brisbane in a few weeks.

Sass & Bide Seekerstate Lusts

I hate to admit it, but I’m probably never going to be the kind of girl to wear the craziest fashions around (crazy in a cool way, of course). On others girls, I love all the Sass & Bide collections; when I landed in Sydney while on holidays, there was a woman at the airport dressed head to toe in Sass & Bide clothes that weren’t entirely practical for a plane flight, but she looked amazing nonetheless. On myself, however, I usually love a few pieces from the collection that would mesh well into my wardrobe.

Perhaps my alter ego would enjoy purchasing endless amounts of Sass & Bide and wearing it all together in a swirl of crazy chic colour, but this version of me always wants to buy pieces to wear individually – with some exceptions of course. Currently I own 1 piece from the Seekerstate collection – a green version of the Third Time Around top – but I’m holding out from wearing it for another month incase I change my mind on my current outfit for my 21st.

Below is some of my current lusts from the Sass & Bide’s Seekerstate AW12 collection.

Sass & Bide Seekerstate AW12 Glory Bound open toe heel

Pops of neon is probably one of the things Sass & Bide have been doing best of late such as their neon accessories from past collections. Not only is the colour pop great on this shoe, the shape of the shoe is great. The lovely wrap across the foot contrasted against the closed heel; plus who doesn’t love a platform to keep the balls of one’s feet happier a little longer?

Sass & Bide Seekerstate AW12 Seize The Day skirt

Printed skirts? Yes, please! I can see this going nicely with nearly any colour version of the Forward Thinking cami and some strappy stilettos. Or, if you’re a bold type, you could wear it with the matching jacket.

Sass & Bide Seerkerstate AW12 The Selfish One tank

Loving the geometric print on this tank. I’m thinking it would go nicely with a coloured pant or maybe leather-look skinny jeans and some pointy heels. I love the silver detail too; it helps to add a bit of Definitely a great printed tee for anyone wanting to go a bit rock chick. A coloured mini would also go together nicely for hotter days/nights out.

Sass & Bide Seekerstate AW12 Turn The Beat Around top

I really need to move somewhere that’s colder than tropical North Queensland because so many designers make great tops to wear with jeans, yet I would probably pass out from heat exhaustion if I tried wearing them too often here. I think this top would be perfect with some stealth coloured coated J Brand leggings and perhaps a nice black sandal.

Sass & Bide Seekerstate AW12 One To Watch long sleeved tee

This top just screams french chic, in my opinion. Pair with an amazing pair of slim fit dark blue jeans and a nice tan coloured loafer or high-heeled sandal and top it off with some chic gold accessories.

Things I want right now

Things that I’m lusting after and totally want right now:

Sass & Bide Five Minutes Later Pant. I love Sass & Bide’s floaty pants; I have a pair of S&B’s crackerjacks which I wore basically every second day in winter. The colour of these pants is amazing and perfect for colour blocking (think an emerald-green or orange top).

Sass & Bide Good Things Mini Dress. I have my brother’s formal coming up very soon and I’m hoping I can be snuck in as an extra guest (they have a stupid 2 guest rule); so I will be needing a dress which is where this little baby comes in. Dressy, but not overly dressy like a maxi (which could cause me to get mistaken for one of the students). I’m definitely considering this along with another dress I’ll show later.

Sass & Bide Think It Over Skirt. As soon as I saw this skirt I was in love. I’m thinking paired with some amazing embellished flats and a charcoal top for a smart casual look.

Speaking of charcoal shirts, check out the Sass & Bide Don’t Look Back Tee. I love this weaved pattern and when paired with a cute pair of denim cut-offs and some Vans Authentics you get the perfect outfit for a hot Aussie summer at a music festival.

Next up is a Witchery outfit I totally adore. Witchery’s Sliced Relaxed Top in mandarin paired with a pair of Denim Shorts in cobalt. Orange and cobalt blue is one of my favourite colour blocking combinations. This outfit makes a casual lunch or shopping date with the girls easy, just add accessories. I’m currently tore between spending my gift voucher from the Castletown Connexion blogging competition on a blue pair of shorts or a red pair. Maybe I should go for both?

More fashion lusts to come soon! Happy shopping!

Tuba Rose, Cairns

If you ever take a trip to Cairns in far north Queensland and don’t know where to head for some cute fashion; head to The Pier on the marina and check out Tuba Rose. With cute clothes by Mink Pink, Blessed Are The Meek, Staple, plus many more, as well as jewelry by Samantha Willis and an array of hot little bags and heels; this well rounded store is definitely worth a visit.
A year ago today I discovered this boutique while in Cairns with family and I went a little crazy and bought heaps. Unfortunately for me, this year’s Cairns trip was on a budget, meaning I couldn’t afford to go crazy a second time. If I could have afforded it, I’m sure I’d have bought a Sass & Bide top or two – a designer only introduced to the store this year it seems – as well as a gold bangle set by Samantha Willis.