“Sorry, there’s no shotgun in retail”

My father has always said to me on the topic of shopping, “if you’re not sure, wait a few days. If it’s still there when you come back, it’s meant to be”. Recently, I’ve twisted this to, “if you’re on a budget, wait a few weeks. If it’s still there when you can afford it – yay you”. Let me tell you, it hasn’t been working out so well.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a mild Witchery obsession at the moment (probably something to do with it being new to Townsville and me experiencing the initial over-excitement and obsession that comes with it). Gorgeous nude coloured heels – will usually match everything & have a use, especially in my closet. Flowy silk dresses – highly unlikely to experience neglect. Two cute pieces that I really quite wanted.

Alas, I’ve made a pact to myself to save a large sum of money before Christmas and being the accountant’s daughter I am, I’ve put myself on a strict budget. This budget does not allow much spending money, let me tell you. Not when you shouldn’t be heading out having fun due to uni exams and the goal to travel to Japan next year. So I waited, thinking they would stay there, just for me.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to work like that. Clothes seem to be a bit like lovers: some of them will wait for you, some of them will not; and some of them might be right for you but will only ever be ‘the one that got away’. Neither of those lovely pieces are in store anymore and what’s annoying is, because I haven’t spent money on fashion, somehow, money is spent on unnecessary things on accident, e.g. drinking alcohol and eating fast food. I don’t know how this works. Despite being rather adept at accounting and economics, I don’t know why a lack of clothes buying leads to an increase in junk food buying instead of more savings. The relationship just doesn’t make sense.

Regardless, I’m certain I’ll find something else to want (I can’t help it, I am human after all) and the cycle will repeat itself in some shape or form again.