Beauty Buys – Garnier, Crabtree & Evelyn, Redkens & Body Shop


I think I’ve been buying more new beauty products lately than I have clothes! I’ve been hearing a lot about BB creams lately (short for blemish balm or beauty balm) and I decided I had to try one and see what the fuss is about. According to the ever-accurate Wikipedia, BB cream was designed for people post laser who needed a kind of healing moisturizer that gave some coverage – basically a combo of benefits for the skin (moisturises, protects from sun, fights blemishes and boost brightness of skin). I went for Garnier’s version of BB cream, the Miracle Skin Perfector, because it’s stocked in many places like chemists, supermarkets etc. Price varies depending where you go – $14 at Big W vs $9 at Discount Drug Store – but it’s roughly around the $10AUD mark.

As far as I know (or have been able to find out), there’s only two colours. I have a feeling there’s probably more but most places only have light or medium. Don’t let the medium description fool you as it’s pretty dark and I found it a little on the red skin tone side. After making this mistake I bought the light and even that is kind of dark (it blends with my skin perfectly and I have a yellow medium skin tone).

Apparently L’Oreal has a BB cream called Nude Magique but I haven’t come across it yet (I haven’t been looking very hard however) and other brands like Bobbi Brown and Body Shop are releasing versions. I’m interested in trying Bobbi Brown’s because it’s designed for combo/oily skin, whereas I feel Garnier’s is more suited to normal skin. However, I solve this by simply popping my Body Shop Seaweed lotion underneath. I’d also like to try Body Shop’s if Australia gets it.

Garnier’s version is quite lovely. Coverage that manly evens out the skin tone but doesn’t hide freckles like most foundations. It’s got a lovely smell and it is quite a thick cream but I guess that’s the point. I do like it for days off, and for uni I simply brush a tiny bit of my Clinique Almost Mineral Powder on top. So although I plan to buy and try other BB creams I will keep using Garnier’s on my days off.

Another recent buy of mine is Crabtree & Evelyn’s Wisteria perfume. It’s a beautiful fragrance wi notes of nashi pear, ylang ylang, and airy musk (I’ve been trying to find out if the musk is animal, plant, synthetic or simply a word to describe a scent in it, but alas no answer yet). I’ve also got Crabtree’s Rosewater fragrance in my collection – which smells like perfection when I wear it with Body Shop’s Spa Polynesia Lotus & Frangipani body purée (lotion) – but I’m yet to find a body moisturizer that mixes well with Wisteria. Regardless, I adore the smell and wear it when I’m not feeling girly enough for Rosewater.

A friend told me recently that I should alternate my supermarket brand shampoo and conditioner wi a good quality one to get the most out of my hair and stop product build up. So I asked my hairdresser what she recommended and $60 later came home with Redken’s All Soft shampoo and conditioner. Despite the price (Tony & Guy is usually around $15 for a shampoo and conditioner pack) it does make my hair feel softer and like the BB cream it has a delightful scent. Downside: I can’t stop stroking my hair after I use it.

I did also get The Body Shop’s Ginger Shampoo as a kind of deep cleanser. The shampoo helps to get rid of product build up and get rid of dandruff. My boyfriend has started pinching it for himself to get rid of dirt after rugby games and claims it’s the only shampoo that’s ever effectively gotten rid of his dandruff. For a good cleansing shampoo with a nice ginger scent I definitely recommend Body Shops Ginger Shampoo.

Crabtree and Evelyn’s timeless Rosewater EDT

I finally have my hot little hands on a bottle of Crabtree and Evelyn’s rosewater perfume! Yay!
Ever since I can remember I’ve loved this scent. My mother wore it when I was younger and one day in high school gave me a little handbag size bottle for myself, which I wore non-stop.
Unfortunately a year or two ago, it ran out and each time I encountered it I either had no money to buy it or they were out of stock. It was never something on the forefront of my mind to get either as it’s kind of like that old reliable something you never think about but it’s always there.
Anyways, finally, during my trip to the Indooroopilly shopping centre in Brisbane I found a Crabtree and Evelyn store and said to myself “this is the day I get my signature scent back!”. So I did.
Gosh I love it! It’s so classic and fool-proof. I do have an oddly large perfume collection at the moment and won’t need more for well over a year, however I had to have this scent.
If you come across a Crabtree and Evelyn store or stockist make sure you check out their scents. Always lovely, and always a classic.