The miracle of the nail polishing block


Top: pre-buffing matte dullness
Bottom: post-buffing shine

I’m learning lots of interesting things in my new job at The Body Shop. It’s really great learning such interesting little tricks to primping and preening the body and mind.

A most amazing discovery, in my opinion, that I came across the other day is the nail polishing block. Apparently chemists sell them but Body Shop has this fantastic four sides rectangle that features a nail file side, ridge/abductor smoothing side, another finer smoothing side, and a polishing side.

I tried using them on myself quickly one day but apparently didn’t out enough heart into it to work out the benefit of using it. Then a full-timer from Brisbane showed me how to use it properly. He started on side 2 and rubbed the ridge/abductor smoother rigorously (but not to the point that it hurt) on the nail for about a minute or two, making sure he smoothed as close to the quick and side of the nail as possible. He then repeated the process using the other two sides.

The result, a super smooth, shiny nail that looked like I had painted a couple of layers of polish onto. It looked amazing. I’ve always had nails that catch and peal very easily but my super buffed nails have been perfect since Tuesday. I swear even the colour looks better. For $7 odd dollars a nail buffer is a worthy investment!

P.s. it’s my 21st birthday! YAY! 😉