Alice + Olivia Love

Alive + Olivia is a brand I’ve adored ever since I discovered them last year. Everything Stacey Bendet designs is fun, often colourful and perfect for the fabulous party or spicing up your office get-up. These are some of my current fave pieces.

Alice + Olivia Love

Alice Olivia zipper dress
$645 –

Alice Olivia zipper dress
$385 –

Alice Olivia bodice dress
$365 –

Alice Olivia alice olivia dress
£255 –

Alice Olivia cap sleeve dress
£215 –

Alice Olivia boatneck shirt
£340 –

Alice Olivia pleated skirt
$245 –

Alice + Olivia cropped capri pants
£170 –


The NYE Outfit

As far as the saying goes, new year’s eve never quite seems to go according to plan. In a way, it should be one of Murphy’s Law’s – those who expect a great NYE, never seem to get it and those who expect a bad one, always seem pleasantly surprised. I haven’t experienced too many solo NYE’s (and by solo I mean, not having anything to do with family), but those that I have always seem to follow this theory in some ways. I’ve learnt never to expect too much from the event. Because the less you expect, the less annoyed you get and the easier it is to go with the flow. One thing I always put a lot of thought into and always expect to be fantastic is my new year’s eve outfit. I mean, who doesn’t want to look good starting off a new year? And the best way to ensure you look good is to make sure you plan in advanced.

Thanks to my trip to Melbourne with my mother in January, I’m saving like crazy and therefore, have limited money to spend on myself at the moment. After all, no one wants to be surrounded by the lovely selection of clothes offered in Melbourne with no money to afford them! However, I did manage to squeeze a new, new year’s eve outfit into my budget. My absolute limit was $200 (such a shame I had a budget too because otherwise I would have convinced myself I needed the gorgeous silk tiered trapeze dress by Willow in Miss Ruby at the moment).

Much to my delight, after shopping around, I found a lovely $90 dress by a brand named Lumiér in Peaches N Lola in Flinders St Mall. While the trends may once again be changing, last season was my first encounter with the nude palette. I tended to avoid it in previous years because I used to think it might make me look too much like my mother or because I thought it would make my skin look more yellow than it already is. Now I’m quite partial to my mother’s favourite colours such as camels and khaki’s (I’m dying for a cute khaki dress) and so, when I came across this lovely high-necked nude dress I was ecstatic. The dress looks lovely both belted as well as plain and seems to suit both silver and gold accessories. I may even try a nice purple tone with it at some point. For new year’s, however, I will be pairing it with the cute black and diamante belt, which I picked up in Dotti, as well as my favourite Ecclettica black clutch and one of my pairs of black heels.

Nude coloured Lumiér dress from Peaches N Lola


Being the fashion-crazy person I am, while shopping around I came across a lovely cream silk dress in Forever New for $100. Bit of a bargain if you ask me. I’m quite into flowy, trapeze shaped clothes at the moment – something my boyfriend tends to dislike. However, even he had to admit this little number was a winner and I simply couldn’t pass it up. I plan wearing it to my friend’s 21st birthday this weekend and possibly on Christmas day if I’m in a dress wearing mood. For the birthday bash, however, I will be wearing it with my cute plaited tan belt that matches perfectly to my favourite Natasha sandals.

Forever New cream silk dress


Two dresses, $200 – quite the bargain if you ask me. My clothes cravings will definitely be satisfied now until I head to Melbourne (assuming I don’t go into Witchery and become tempted by their 50% off sale – oh dear!)