Recent get-ups

Today’s Outfit editions from today, yesterday and last Wednesday. Please excuse my lateness with the posts, uni work was taking up all my attention.


Top: Sass and Bide
Shorts: Nicholas
Shoes: Tony Bianco Devon
Necklace: Lovisa

Above is a variance of an outfit I’ve already blogged about. I feel like it’s a bit more glam biker chic than the other version. Comfy of course and a good autumn outfit for the tropics where it’s still stinking hot and humid.

Dress: Parker
Shoes: Natasha
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jewellery: Robert Clerc scarab earrings and ring, Tree of Life silver bracelet.

Above is the outfit I wore out last night. I lusted after this dress for months but it was around Christmas when I was spending all my money on my family’s gifts. Luckily 3 months later I found a small at online store Madison Los Angeles. Dad just so happened to be unsure about birthday present ideas for me and so this dress is my birthday gift from Dad. I did have to get it taken in all the way down the side seams, however. Even now it’s a bit baggy on my waist but it’s also a loose fitted dress so it’s not too obvious.
I really should have worn my red London Rebel pumps with the dress and my dark chocolate coloured clutch from Witchery but I was in a hurry and my Natasha heels where first in sight. The dress is very comfortable and I wanted it because it’s quite conservative but still chic – I could wear it to dinner with family, wear it with a blazer for a work look, or wear it out to a bar like I did last night. It’s one of those chuck on and go dresses that requires minimal hair effort too.

Top: Ba&sh
Shorts: Ksubi
Shoes: Vans Authentic

A casual look I did for uni the the other day. I love Ksubi’s shorts and these are quite comfy – I have a pair in black and in this faded blue colour. So many different options to wear with them too (as you can see below when I was trying to decide how to style them). It was raining all last week, so I figured a long sleeve top would stop me getting cold in the rain. Too bad it stopped raining that day and got very humid. I felt this look had an ever so slight retro feel to it with the faded blue shorts and red kicks. I’ll probably never wear anything more retro than this too. It wouldn’t suit me, in my own opinion. If you find these shorts at your local Ksubi stockist or online then definitely grab a pair (and don’t be afraid to go one size up like I did – they’re comfier that way). You won’t regret it.


Finally, it’s not clothing but below is a make-up look I had to do for work the other day. We each got given a look to complete on ourselves by the end of the week. I got given Rae Morris’ China Doll Eyes. Basically, it’s done like so:
1. a big sweep of deepish purple across the outer 2/3rds of the eye,
2. bright blue eyeshadow on the inner 1/3rd and top and bottom inner-corner of the eye,
3. blend the two nicely,
4. thickish purple eyeliner again 2/3rd of the way across the top lash-line,
5. a deeper blue eyeliner on the top lash-line and 1/3rd of the bottom lash-line,
6. smudge eyeliners a bit,
7. a thiner line of black eyeliner where the purple liner is on the top lash-line as well as lining the bottom lash-line (except in the blue area),
8. lots of mascara to finish!
It probably sounds more complicated than it is; I don’t lie when I say it’s easy. Also, don’t forget to go just above the eye crease to the brow bone a bit. Otherwise if you have heavy lids like me it won’t be visible.


Parker Combo Dress

God I love this dress. I really do. Unfortunately when I first saw it I couldn’t afford it due to a lack of work shifts and it’s been selling out everywhere online since. At the time I also I already had a 21st dress too! Shame. This would be a great dress to throw on while you’re running out the door to dinner with friends. Only earrings and some cocktail rings are needed to jazz it up. Plus it would look great with either flats or heels. Damn my lack of funds! Fashion girl/first world problems, anyone?

Parker Combo Dress

Shopbop Lusting

I’m totally lusting over some of Shopbop’s newest pieces! Ages ago when I first started shopping on Shopbop I set up the ‘My Designers’ page and it’s proven to be great. They send a decent number of email updates when new items from your favourite designers come in and Shopbop also let’s you know when your favourite items go on sale. So after receiving my latest email update I decided it was time for a blog with my current fave items.

First up, a Parker cluster beaded v neck dress in mauve. Super sparkly and fun; this dress is the ultimate party dress. I love the colour of this dress as well because it’s cute and will match heaps of shoes and clutches. Definitely a great investment dress!

Parker Cluster Beaded V Neck Dress

My next favourite dress is very similar to the first–it’s both beaded and from the same Parker collection. Ladies who love a great strapless will adore this dress (it’s too cute for words!) Like the v neck dress, this dress is very versatile and will go great in your wardrobe for a fantastic night out. Parker cluster beaded strapless dress in mauve.

Parker Cluster Beaded Strapless Dress

My third favourite Shopbop dress right now is again by Parker (what can I say, they do great dresses). The lovely long sleeves and the soft lavender colour ticks all of the boxes on my dress requirements list. There’s just something about a long-sleeved floaty dress with a short hem that I adore. Parker long sleeve dress in lavender.

Parker Long Sleeved Dress in Lavender

Anyways head to Shopbop and check out some of their amazing pieces on offer and don’t forget to suss out Parker while you’re at it–I promise you won’t regret it!