The weekly online shopping lust list

Yes, I’m at it again. Lusting after endless amounts of clothes online. I can’t help it. I’m quite possibly addicted and I don’t even care. Here’s a few items from Green With Envy I’m currently lusting after.

First up, a pair of Elizabeth and James floral ozzy shorts. “Why?”, I pretend to hear you ask. Well, a) they’re silk shorts and I can’t go past a cute pair of silk shorts, and b) they’re such a lovely floral print.


Josh Goot clean cap sleeve dress in black rose – honestly, is there a female around who’s not obsessed with this print? I think not. I love the shape of this dress. Possibly not lusting after it as much as I am the skirt, but something I could see myself wearing assuming it fit me correctly.


Josh Goot cocktail night rose dress in blue. What a print! And the shape – amazing! I could see this working for both work and after 5 drinks. With a killer pair pumps, a lovely neat top knot and a nice pair of earrings, this is a look that would turn heads.


Alexander Wang stretchy viscose sleeveless dress. Amazing colour, I’m addicted to rich shades of purple right now and this wine colour hits the right note. Fantastic cut too, I love the peek-a-boo chest cut-outs.


T by Alexander Wang silk CDC GGT long sleeve shirt. Oh how I adore this top. Very well positioned pockets if you dare to bare too. Picture this with a fabulous pair of coloured jeans — amazing!


KJ by Kirrily Johnston barrell shirt. Well, on me it would be a very modest dress; but how chic is it! Great for winter with some very edgy heels.


Go forth my pretties and lust away! There’s nothing wrong with looking, right?


An online shopping dilemma


I’ve had this strange obsession with this gorgeous Faded Daisy Dress from Life With Bird ever since it hit the online store. I adore the cut of this dress and love the print, until I saw a close up of it that is. As much as I love this dress, I can’t get past the fact the leopard print isn’t just your good old black and white.


I’m not a huge print girl, and while I adore this dress I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to risk buying it (I’m nowhere near a LWB store or stockist to try it on, so I’d be buying blind over the net). I guess for myself, even though I buy online regularly, I tend to stick to things that I can work out how they’ll sit on me, or prints and cuts I know I’ve liked in the past.

Below are two classic examples of things I would buy because I know how they will sit on me and that I’ll actually wear the print (or colour, in this case) because they will suit me. LWB’s hypnotist top and s/s shirt dress.

<br /


For example, I would probably never buy a strapless dress online because I have a hard time holding them up (I’ve only ever bought 3 in my life). Funnily enough, my 21st birthday dress was a gorgeous strapless Zimmermann number I never expected to love or be able to hold up (in fact it’s the only one of three that fits properly and that I genuinely adore) — I’d seen it online but it wasn’t till I saw it on myself that I realized how lovely it was.

My advice, take a risk when buying online every now and then, but try on lots of different shapes and prints in your local store so you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work on you. Also, never go online shopping without a tape measure that has both centimeters and inches on it!

Sass & Bide Wishlist

I’ve been staring at the Sass & Bide site for a few days now, wondering what I prefer most and what I should treat myself to. So far, I can’t make a decision — so many different outfit possibilities. So I thought I’d share my wish-list with you all.

Firstly, I’m lusting after some amazing black pieces. More specifically: the master pant, the side of life jacket, and the flashback top. Gorgeous, simple, and chic.


Next, I’m currently wanting new jumpers to add to my already too large collection for someone who lives in the tropics. Realistically, two hoodies, a knit jumper, two jackets, a leather jacket and three cardigans is more than enough in a city you only really need a jumper for a month in winter and when you go to the supermarket or movies. Such a fashion girl problem, right? I must admit though, as cute as the one to watch long sleeve tee is, I just adore the it’s just a memory top more because of the sequin back. I can picture them perfectly with chunky gold jewellery, purple coated skinnies and a chunky black heel and bag.




Leather bustier. Need I say more about this one? It’s a tad sexy, and I love it (although not for wearing myself. I wonder if I could get one of my friends into this one).


I don’t normally like tops like this one, with the denim combo, but I just adore this for some reason. Possibly something to do with the creamy silk it’s contrasted against. Similar to the sequin knit, pair with chunky gold jewellery, black skinnies, a potentially leopard print pumps for added spice. Despite it being a little far from my usual style, I surprisingly like the idea of an outfit like this on myself. But I can imagine this would look good on quite a few people.


Don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favourite Sass & Bide pieces are right now too!

The Secret Garden Top


Oh my lord I’m so excited about what arrived in the mail today! We Are Handsome’s The Secret Garden top from Coggles! Yay!

It took exactly 2 weeks to arrive in Australia from the UK and my god is this top cool.

I’m thinking this might just be my Groovin The Moo outfit (which is less than 1 month away). My only concern is how sunburnt my shoulders and mid-drift could get.

Regardless, I have many places I could wear it and have already tried it on with a large portion of my wardrobe. So. Many. Options. One in particular I’ll be doing is this amazing top with my black Zimmermann skater skirt and some awesome pumps.

God I love We Are Handsome’s stuff. Next on my wish list: their snow leopard print!

Shopbop LBD Love

Ah so many amazing clothes on Shopbop! Here’s a few things I’m lusting after right now:


Joie Topaz Dress in Black

An amazing LBD by brand Joie. This is such my style of dress and it comes in an amazing sunburnt orange kind of colour. I could have a million dresses in this shape and still not have enough. Effortless, easy to accessorise, chic and easy to dress up or down. Love them!


Theory Halleli Dress

Hello day to night dress! I could totally see myself wearing this at internship or to cocktails at a nice bar. Very easy to jazz up, very easy to wear; another example of effortless chic dressing. 


Splendid Long Sleeve Mini Dress in Denim

This lovely number by Splendid also comes in black, however, I just love this colour of blue. You could do plenty with it and it would be perfect for going out during winter in Townsville with maybe a leather jacket over the top. Layer lots of long necklaces and you’re good to go in this baby!


Marchesa Chiffon Dress with Illusion Neckline

Shoot me now, is this dress amazing or is it amazing? If only it was anywhere close to being in my budget! Amazing, timeless, so very chic. Pair with a gorgeous high bun and sleek heels for a very elegant and feminine look. 


Shoshanna Elizabeth Shirtdress in White

Okay, so maybe it isn’t black or in a black option like the rest, but isn’t it pretty? Casual Friday at work appropriate, lunch with the girls appropriate; this dress is elegant, timeless and chic. Pair with delicate gold jewellery and cute sandals. 

Sabo Skirt Cuteness

What a cute little online store Sabo Skirt is! Run by Yiota and Thessy, they also have a very chic blog. I’ve been following them for a little while now on Instagram (my username is rosalives in case you wanna check me out there) and I just noticed them pop up on Facebook, which lead me to check out their website. Some cute items available, it looks like it sells out quickly though because the range isn’t massive. I found a gorgeous little skirt (below) I’m contemplating. In fact I love the entire outfit. It reminds me of delicious strawberry and mango sorbet icecream!

Sabo Skirt Aaliyah Bodycon Skirt

LBB – Little Black Boots

One thing I noticed while I was holidaying in Melbourne is that majority of the sales assistants in the boutiques I visited had a pair of black ankle boots with a cute little heel on them. I could not get over how many of them were walking around and in all manner of different styles and materials. Seeing this sparked a search for my very own pair of black boots; because, let’s face it, they looked comfy and I too work in retail and figured “might as well join them”.

Tony Bianco Devon boots in black diesel/black wax

After much searching and nearly buying a cute pair from Topshop (until I decided I could not be bothered wading through the crowd to get to a sales assistant) I came across an amazing pair at Santini in Flinders Lane. Funnily enough, when I looked inside to find the brand I discovered they were Tony Bianco boots – I think they have a magnetic hold on me.

Tony Bianco Devon boots in Fudge diesel/choc wax

The name of the boots is Devon and they’re part of the current collection available in Tony Bianco stores, stockists and their online store. Unfortunately both Santini and Tony Bianco Melbourne Central had no 5.5s in stock so I had to order them online but by doing so I saved close to $30. The boots retail at $179.95 AUD but with my gold VIP discount and $11.93 in loyalty points built up, the boots came down to $150.03 – bargain!

Tony Bianco Devon boots in black diesel/black wax, Country Road top worn as dress, Diva necklace, Dinosaur Designs bangle

They arrived in my mail box yesterday and even though I had nowhere to go I walked around the house in them all day. So far, it seems like the girls at Santini was right: they’re super comfortable and kind of fun to wear as well. I have many a black dress that they’ll go nicely with (including my new Country Road top which is a dress on me, pictured above) as well as cute denim shorts (which my Nan protested would look too provocative) and other floaty dresses.

They come in other colours such as a nice midnight blue suede, a nice fudge (see the second picture) as well as an awesome choc diesel. You know you want a pair, so head to either or and get in on the Melbourne retail assistant trend so that you’ve got a nicely broken in before winter hits (which is unfortunately forever away for us Aussies – especially those of us who live above Brisbane!)