Recent get-ups

Today’s Outfit editions from today, yesterday and last Wednesday. Please excuse my lateness with the posts, uni work was taking up all my attention.


Top: Sass and Bide
Shorts: Nicholas
Shoes: Tony Bianco Devon
Necklace: Lovisa

Above is a variance of an outfit I’ve already blogged about. I feel like it’s a bit more glam biker chic than the other version. Comfy of course and a good autumn outfit for the tropics where it’s still stinking hot and humid.

Dress: Parker
Shoes: Natasha
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jewellery: Robert Clerc scarab earrings and ring, Tree of Life silver bracelet.

Above is the outfit I wore out last night. I lusted after this dress for months but it was around Christmas when I was spending all my money on my family’s gifts. Luckily 3 months later I found a small at online store Madison Los Angeles. Dad just so happened to be unsure about birthday present ideas for me and so this dress is my birthday gift from Dad. I did have to get it taken in all the way down the side seams, however. Even now it’s a bit baggy on my waist but it’s also a loose fitted dress so it’s not too obvious.
I really should have worn my red London Rebel pumps with the dress and my dark chocolate coloured clutch from Witchery but I was in a hurry and my Natasha heels where first in sight. The dress is very comfortable and I wanted it because it’s quite conservative but still chic – I could wear it to dinner with family, wear it with a blazer for a work look, or wear it out to a bar like I did last night. It’s one of those chuck on and go dresses that requires minimal hair effort too.

Top: Ba&sh
Shorts: Ksubi
Shoes: Vans Authentic

A casual look I did for uni the the other day. I love Ksubi’s shorts and these are quite comfy – I have a pair in black and in this faded blue colour. So many different options to wear with them too (as you can see below when I was trying to decide how to style them). It was raining all last week, so I figured a long sleeve top would stop me getting cold in the rain. Too bad it stopped raining that day and got very humid. I felt this look had an ever so slight retro feel to it with the faded blue shorts and red kicks. I’ll probably never wear anything more retro than this too. It wouldn’t suit me, in my own opinion. If you find these shorts at your local Ksubi stockist or online then definitely grab a pair (and don’t be afraid to go one size up like I did – they’re comfier that way). You won’t regret it.


Finally, it’s not clothing but below is a make-up look I had to do for work the other day. We each got given a look to complete on ourselves by the end of the week. I got given Rae Morris’ China Doll Eyes. Basically, it’s done like so:
1. a big sweep of deepish purple across the outer 2/3rds of the eye,
2. bright blue eyeshadow on the inner 1/3rd and top and bottom inner-corner of the eye,
3. blend the two nicely,
4. thickish purple eyeliner again 2/3rd of the way across the top lash-line,
5. a deeper blue eyeliner on the top lash-line and 1/3rd of the bottom lash-line,
6. smudge eyeliners a bit,
7. a thiner line of black eyeliner where the purple liner is on the top lash-line as well as lining the bottom lash-line (except in the blue area),
8. lots of mascara to finish!
It probably sounds more complicated than it is; I don’t lie when I say it’s easy. Also, don’t forget to go just above the eye crease to the brow bone a bit. Otherwise if you have heavy lids like me it won’t be visible.



Uni Chic


Top: Sass and Bide
Shorts: Nicholas
Shoes: Repetto
Accessories: assorted silver jewellery

An outfit I wore to uni last week. I love my new Sass and Bide top. It’s super comfy and a little bit funky with the mullet hemline. I paired the top with my loose-fit silk Nicholas shorts.

I wore silver jewellery to keep it more casual, and instead of wearing my Tony Bianco Devon boots (which would have gone fantastically, but aren’t exactly a common sight at my super casual uni), I wore my Repetto flats.

On the plus side, I can save the full outfit for a day I need to be dressier but still comfy.

Colour Hungry

Rebecca Minkoff Ero Long Dress

I’m currently experiencing one of those I-can’t-afford-anything moments thanks to my upcoming 21st bash so instead of shopping online I’m drooling on my keyboard and showing you all what I’ve found instead. Here’s to hoping my family gets a bit uncreative and gives me money for shopping for my birthday.

Above is the kind of colour that reminds me of orange jelly for some reason. Amazing. I don’t usually like orange either; for this dress, I will make an exception. Loving the little side cut-outs as well.

Alice + Olivia Mila Pleated One Shoulder Dress

If this gorgeous shade of lime green doesn’t scream summery then I don’t know what does (okay, maybe a sunny yellow but you get my point). I adore the shape of this dress – nice and floaty – and I’m pretty sure this would make a fabulous, fuss-free frock for dinner somewhere.

Nicholas Mickey Shift Dress

Firstly, I love the shape of this dress. I’m fairly certain I tried it on in a steel-blue colour at Green With Envy in Melbourne which looked great (however I was pacing the shopping at the time and decided to go for cute shorts instead). I love the colour to, as cobalt blue is versatile in a way – bright, but not so bright you can’t wear it certain places without drawing strange looks.

Alice + Olivia Rosie Blouson Dress

Ah purple, my favourite colour of all. Not to mention, this gorgeous floaty number shares the same name as me! On me, I’m not so sure the dress would work overly well; however I can imagine a few of my friends in this cutie (if only the person I’m picturing in it would wear this shade of purple). I love the big statement necklace that was styled with this outfit too!

Free People Off Shoulder Textured Dress

Ooh, what a fun colour! Another one that reminds me somewhere between red jelly and raspberry sorbet. I adore the shoulder on this dress which give it a great neckline (has anyone ever noticed I’m obsessed with the décolletage area? No, well I am). Perhaps would be a great party dress for when there’s cute guys around? I also like the little long neckalces with this, makes it slightly more casual and edgier in a way.

Anyways that’s all my current colourful lusts from Shopbop. Go check them out and see what colourful lovelies you can find for yourself!

Today’s Outfit

Sorry I’ve been slack with updating Becoming Chic with recent outfits. Below are some new ones I tried out over the last week.

I wore my new Tony Bianco Devon boots to work on Sunday with and oldie but goodie Gypsy 05 tie dye shift dress, Ray-Ban Cats and one of many JKC bangles. I started the day out hair down and wavy but the ridiculous humidity won and I ended up with the old pony-tail. I definitely felt like I was channeling Melbourne shop assistant chic in this outfit — although I may have needed some eyeliner to complete the look!

Saturday’s work outfit consisted of a Cue leopard print tank, Kookai skirt, Arthur Galan belt, Tony Bianco flats, Longchamp tote and Dinosaur Designs bangles. A great outfit that’s got a work-to-after-5-drinks feel to it. I just need another hole punched in the belt so my shirt stops sliding up over it.

Another Sunday work outfit: Nicholas silk shorts, Kookai top, Zara studded heels, Diva necklace and Dinosaur Designs bangles. A nice quick and simple monochrome outfit with coloured accessories.

An outfit I wore to drinks with a friend on my last night in Sydney. Weather appropriate for a girl from tropical NQ and easy to wear. White Suede jacket, Kookai grey tank and black skirt, Zara heels (not shown), Gorman like green bag, Diva necklace. I haven’t decided if I liked the lime green bag and turquoise necklace together but it looks ok, I guess.
I apologize if I’ve repeated any outfits, my Internet just crashed and I’m doing this off my phone. It’s also getting slightly hard to remember what I post on instagram and not on WordPress yet! Stay tuned for more Today’s Outfit posts in the future!