Purple lipstick perfection


Ever since I was in Brisbane’s David Jones and saw a lovely pale girl working in Willow with a dark brown bob with fringe, dark draped clothes and striking purple lips I’ve been obsessed with finding my own purple lipstick. Finally, I have one.


Illamasqua’s Diablo is simply amazing. The loveliest shade of purple, it’s strong and goes on the same colour as in the tube. I’ve worn it here with a Sage #5 eyeshadow disc from The Body Shop and my TBS makeup base etc. I love the green and the purple together; it feels so mysterious and in a way, slightly magical. I can’t wait for the next event to wear it to!

The first taste of Chanel

Like my mother, I’m a Clinique girl. Clinique seems to be the only makeup brand that doesn’t cause my skin to break out something chronic in the hot, humid, tropical climate that defines the city I live in.
I use Clinique’s perfectly real liquid foundation, with almost mineral powder over the top; as well as, their line smoothing concealer for dark circles and their anti-blemish solutions for concealing everything else. Howevee, while I love Clinique, I’ve never been a fan of their mascara—I use Lancôme’s hypnôse drama mascara for thick not-too-long lashes.
After breaking my blush into a million tiny pieces yesterday and discovering there aren’t many non-glittery plainish pink blushes in the Clinique collection, I had to suss out other brands.
The lovely lady in the only place that holds a wide range of makeup in my city took me over to her counter, the Chanel counter. There, she showed me just the tone of blush I’d been looking for. Chanel’s 55 In Love Powder Blush—not too glittery and a gorgeous shade of pink!
Only very recently has a friend of mine from work broken my fear of bold lipsticks and pushed me into the coloured world of makeup. Before I came to work in the boutique I’m at now, I never used to wear blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick, because it all reminded me of extreme dance makeup. After being told I could use more colour on my face by one of the bosses (which took me aback at the time but now I’m glad she said it) I ventured into a world of blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner completely removed from what I’ve always known in the dance world. Now I own 9 colours of eyeshadow and 2 types eyeliner.
Recently my partner’s mum gave me a hot pink Elizabeth Arden lipstick and much to my surprise I’ve been getting good use out of it. So after much encouragement from my work friend, I started the hunt for a nice colour of red lipstick. Needless to say, while I was at the Chanel counter my eye caught sight of the lipsticks. The first colour I spotted ended up being the one I bought, 14 Passion Rouge Allure. It’s the loveliest bold red, but more of a pink tone than an orange one. Seeing as it’s winter I’m surely I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Perhaps my hot pink won’t see the light of day again until summer!
Morale of the story, be brave and try new makeup colours like I am! If worst comes to worst, you can remove it at the end of the day and be happy that you at least tried it.