MBFWA S/S 12/13

Some of my favourite pictures coming out of fashion week right now. There will be more to come, these are just a few of my faves from the Wed morning shows!

Life With Bird
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Kate Waterhouse — God, I love this look. Those heels are just divine!


Harper and Harley blogger Sara Donaldson


Sass & Bide’s Sarah Jane Clarke


Breath-taking Zimmermann


Life With Bird


Life With Bird


Alice McCall


Lovely street-style pic



An online shopping dilemma


I’ve had this strange obsession with this gorgeous Faded Daisy Dress from Life With Bird ever since it hit the online store. I adore the cut of this dress and love the print, until I saw a close up of it that is. As much as I love this dress, I can’t get past the fact the leopard print isn’t just your good old black and white.


I’m not a huge print girl, and while I adore this dress I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to risk buying it (I’m nowhere near a LWB store or stockist to try it on, so I’d be buying blind over the net). I guess for myself, even though I buy online regularly, I tend to stick to things that I can work out how they’ll sit on me, or prints and cuts I know I’ve liked in the past.

Below are two classic examples of things I would buy because I know how they will sit on me and that I’ll actually wear the print (or colour, in this case) because they will suit me. LWB’s hypnotist top and s/s shirt dress.

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For example, I would probably never buy a strapless dress online because I have a hard time holding them up (I’ve only ever bought 3 in my life). Funnily enough, my 21st birthday dress was a gorgeous strapless Zimmermann number I never expected to love or be able to hold up (in fact it’s the only one of three that fits properly and that I genuinely adore) — I’d seen it online but it wasn’t till I saw it on myself that I realized how lovely it was.

My advice, take a risk when buying online every now and then, but try on lots of different shapes and prints in your local store so you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work on you. Also, never go online shopping without a tape measure that has both centimeters and inches on it!