Sass & Bide Wishlist

I’ve been staring at the Sass & Bide site for a few days now, wondering what I prefer most and what I should treat myself to. So far, I can’t make a decision — so many different outfit possibilities. So I thought I’d share my wish-list with you all.

Firstly, I’m lusting after some amazing black pieces. More specifically: the master pant, the side of life jacket, and the flashback top. Gorgeous, simple, and chic.


Next, I’m currently wanting new jumpers to add to my already too large collection for someone who lives in the tropics. Realistically, two hoodies, a knit jumper, two jackets, a leather jacket and three cardigans is more than enough in a city you only really need a jumper for a month in winter and when you go to the supermarket or movies. Such a fashion girl problem, right? I must admit though, as cute as the one to watch long sleeve tee is, I just adore the it’s just a memory top more because of the sequin back. I can picture them perfectly with chunky gold jewellery, purple coated skinnies and a chunky black heel and bag.




Leather bustier. Need I say more about this one? It’s a tad sexy, and I love it (although not for wearing myself. I wonder if I could get one of my friends into this one).


I don’t normally like tops like this one, with the denim combo, but I just adore this for some reason. Possibly something to do with the creamy silk it’s contrasted against. Similar to the sequin knit, pair with chunky gold jewellery, black skinnies, a potentially leopard print pumps for added spice. Despite it being a little far from my usual style, I surprisingly like the idea of an outfit like this on myself. But I can imagine this would look good on quite a few people.


Don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favourite Sass & Bide pieces are right now too!