Shopbop Lusting

I’m totally lusting over some of Shopbop’s newest pieces! Ages ago when I first started shopping on Shopbop I set up the ‘My Designers’ page and it’s proven to be great. They send a decent number of email updates when new items from your favourite designers come in and Shopbop also let’s you know when your favourite items go on sale. So after receiving my latest email update I decided it was time for a blog with my current fave items.

First up, a Parker cluster beaded v neck dress in mauve. Super sparkly and fun; this dress is the ultimate party dress. I love the colour of this dress as well because it’s cute and will match heaps of shoes and clutches. Definitely a great investment dress!

Parker Cluster Beaded V Neck Dress

My next favourite dress is very similar to the first–it’s both beaded and from the same Parker collection. Ladies who love a great strapless will adore this dress (it’s too cute for words!) Like the v neck dress, this dress is very versatile and will go great in your wardrobe for a fantastic night out. Parker cluster beaded strapless dress in mauve.

Parker Cluster Beaded Strapless Dress

My third favourite Shopbop dress right now is again by Parker (what can I say, they do great dresses). The lovely long sleeves and the soft lavender colour ticks all of the boxes on my dress requirements list. There’s just something about a long-sleeved floaty dress with a short hem that I adore. Parker long sleeve dress in lavender.

Parker Long Sleeved Dress in Lavender

Anyways head to Shopbop and check out some of their amazing pieces on offer and don’t forget to suss out Parker while you’re at it–I promise you won’t regret it!