Pandora cluster rings


My lovely new Pandora ring cluster I bought with my birthday voucher for our local Pandora stockist. Very pretty and great for work as I wear a lot of silver jewellery. I’ll definitely be collecting more rings in the future to make a few different clusters.


Black and Gold


Oh black and gold! Not only do I hold a soft spot in my heart for those colours thanks to 12 years of house spirit from school, but it looks good in jewellery too!

I received a lovely Stockland gift voucher for my 21st which I used to buy some new jewellery. Such as my lovely black tooth necklace on a long chain and my two new rings in a similar style.

These babies go fantastically with my current wardrobe and help make them feel a bit different and new. Plus they each cost under $15! Bargain!


Witchery bargain


The lovely people at Witchery sent me a $20 reward the other day so of course I trekked down to the shops to check out what I could get on my very limited budget at the moment.

I found a great $30 bracelet set which is simple and will match a lot of my wardrobe. I’m thinking it will go with my 21st outfit nicely too.

When I got the counter I discovered it was actually in sale. So instead of paying a $9.95 difference, I got $20 off (making it $9.95) and now I still have $10.05 reward left to use. Bargain! Perhaps I should have gotten two?