Online Shopping Pretties

Just a quick blog/study break with a few things I’m lusting after right now. Oh how I wish my budget looked like it does normally!

Camilla and Marc dress from I would totally wear this as a guest to my brother’s formal if my bank account was looking a bit better and I wasn’t so concerned about looking like one of the students. The colour is amazing!

camilla and marc janita dress in jungle green

I love Paige Premium Denim’s verdugo jeggings also from They’re slightly thicker than J Brand jeggings but just as comfy and they’re oh-so soft! I have a burgundy colour already but wouldn’t mind this lovely magenta colour as it’s the kind of colour that goes with everything! Plus they’re a little bit attention grabbing, but not too much.

Paige Premium Denim verdugo jegging in magenta

Next up are some gorgeous Witchery sandals. They look great on and I love the multiple coloured ankle strap. Just add a sweet little top, short shorts and a small handbag and you’ll be ready to roll! I’m currently torn between buying these or a cute pair of sandals from Country Road. As the Twitter world would say, first world problem, much?

Witchery amelia woven sandal

If you too are bored and needing a break from study during exam period, it’s definitely worth checking some of these items out; perhaps you can buy now for a post-exam treat in two weeks? X

Bold Coloured Pants!

AG Adriano Goldschmied–The Farrah Skinny Crop in Cobalt

I never thought I’d like coloured jeans (especially after the incident when I was 12 and my mother bought be a pair of hot purple jeans from Jay-Jays which I turned my nose up at and refused to wear), but lately I keep coming across coloured pants that I find incredibly funky and cool.

Blues and pinks are my favourites of the bold hues gracing the threads of pants at the moment and the latest pair I’m drooling over are The Farrah Skinny Crop by AG Adriano Goldschmied in a lovely cobalt colour. While the kelly green and red colours are also very funky, I prefer this lovely colour of blue.

These pants would go lovely with a feminine girly top to balance out the bold colour and some lovely tan sandals, perhaps. Although, a leather biker jacket would definitely spell out rock chic.

Coloured pants are definitely a trend to try; just make sure you find the right cut for your shape–a skinny jeans in a bright hue may not be for you. So whether you wear a coloured skinny jeans or not, make sure the cut isn’t too wide in the leg. Wider leg pants in bright hues may look cool in wools, silks etc, but perhaps not so much in denim.

J Brand Inez in Vintage Navy

J Brand’s Inez chinos. I’ve seen them in pink and green which I thought were adorable but personally I prefer them in Vintage Navy. I’m fairly certain my mother already owns a pair though in a different colour and considering we ended up both wearing Onyx houlihans out to lunch by mistake the other day–did I mention we both had white tops on? Mothers & daughters don’t look cute matched if the daughter happens to be over 18–so I think I will just admire these jeans from afar (or from the distance between me and my mother, rather). These pants are definitely funky and would be great with cute sandals or an awesome pair of open toe heels. Depending on your personal style, both a frilly, floaty blouse or a funky tank/top would go great with these. For these pants I’d personally wear lots of boho jewellery, I can totally see someone like Drew Barrymore in these babies.

J Brand Inez in vintage Navy

J Brand Capri

Clearly I’m feeling ill because I keep being draw towards colourful things lately! Or perhaps I’m just liking the bright trends for Spring Summer. Usually I stick to neutrals; but I have a bit of a pink bug going right now. First, it was the a pink Fleur Wood dress (which is amazing, pics will come soon!); then it was the fuchsia and red Tony Bianco wedges; now, I’m totally digging J Brands 935 Low-Rise Capri in Pale Rose! I do tend to hesitate before wearing pale coloured full leg pants (even some pale blues, I err on the side of caution); however, it’s tempting to give these babies a try.

J Brand 935 Low-Rise Capri in Pale Rose $176

J Brand Houlihans


J Brand Battled Vintage Houlihan in Smoked Topaz

I am finally the proud owner of a pair of J Brand Houlihan jeans. Under my current budget it did feel like they cost me an arm and leg, however, the low-rise skinny cargo’s are super comfy and – if celebrity trends are anything to go off, are all the rage right now. They come in heaps of colours such as black, khaki and white, as well as my three personal favourites of worn onyx, west point and battled vintage smoked topaz (which I now own). Celebs such as Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani have all been seen wearing them. Although I was completely clueless about this fact when I first saw them and started wanting a pair; after hearing that they’re quite the ‘It’ pant, I did want them a little more.

Celebrities wearing J Brand Houlihans

The battled vintage smoked topaz style suits most pink, purple, cream and white tops; and I’m yet to see if what black tops of mine they suit. Tank tops go great with them, but not if you’re going to them pair them with chunky boots. Piper Perabo wore both the vintage and khaki versions of the houlihan in a few episodes of Covert Affairs with chunky shoes and it was not a flattering look. If you have the slightest bit of curve it’s best to wear them with cute flats and sandals, as well as heels. The pants now come in shorts versions which are also super cute and a great alternative for the summer. So if you get the chance to try them on, do it!

J Brand Houlihan short in vintage olive

Beautiful Basics

Fail-safe tan shoes! Both by Natasha. Super comfy & I wear them everywhere!

In a world where the fashions are always changing, and style is influenced by personal taste; you can never go past a solid foundation of basics to ensure your wardrobe never tires! Whether you spend a decent sum of money ensuring you have something quality or whether you grab a bargain basic that looks amazing; investing in the following is always a fashion must!

The Jacket

Now no matter where you live, it’s either going to get cold at some times of the year, or you will be going to an event where they feel the need to crank the aircon. A simple, well cut jacket adds omph to any outfit and is great in the cooler months. We’re not talking leather, denim or snow jackets. We’re talking your classic black jacket that easily goes from formal, to work, to a smart casual. The guidelines for a jacket that won’t age?

Number one: get the right fit. Too many people buy jackets because they are a bargain deal. Sorry to break it to you all, but no matter how cheap it was, if it doesn’t fit then the price won’t make it look any better. At least, not to others. The arm needs to fall straight from the shoulder pad. A jacket is not like a t-shirt. If a t-shirt is too big or too small it can still look good. Jackets that are too big make you look like a pre-pubescent teenager, whose mother has bought a suit with the hope you will, “grow into it”. So if it’s clearly too big and you’re no longer growing, get a smaller size. If the jacket is too small, you’ll simply look like you’re Hulk-ing out of it. If the material running between each shoulder is pulling then it’s probably too small. You should be able to move in the jacket, but not a ridiculous amount. You’re not meant to do the YMCA in it, so don’t bother trying.

Secondly, don’t go for a cropped or long jacket. When the fashions or your tastes change, your once perfect basic jacket will become redundant! It should fall about the middle of your hip done and make sure it doesn’t pull across the hips or look too baggy. After the fit on the shoulders, the length is the next important thing. Jackets can be easily altered; however, some are cut in a way that won’t allow you to alter the length, so don’t forget to ask the salesperson serving you! If she/he doesn’t know, perhaps it’s best to take a photo and show a dressmaker.

Thirdly, as I said before, jackets can be altered. So while you want your arm length to fall between your wrist and your thumb knuckle, don’t fret if it doesn’t. Jackets have extra material, so you can take them in or let them out. Arms are the easiest to alter, and if the jacket fits your shoulders perfect but is slightly loose/tight around the stomach, it can be fixed.

Next is the colour. Black is best, in a wool blend as this is one of the better (if not best) materials to buy a jacket in. Otherwise for women go for a pale grey and men can try darker charcoals.

Once you’ve sorted out all these issues, it’s up to you to find the cut that suits your body best. If you’re not sure keep looking. The perfect basic is not always easily found!

The Jean

The search for jeans always seems to be such an arduous task. Some people hate shopping for jeans so much they just don’t own a pair. So whether you’re looking to buy your first pair of jeans in a while, or adding a great fail-proof pair to the collection here’s some tips. Jeans are classically your blue denims, so when you’re looking for a timeless pair of jeans, go for a blue. Your best bet is a darker hue such as indigo, they’re flattering and you can mix it with a lot more colours than a lighter pair will allow. One thing I always force people to do when trying on jeans is to try the size you are, one size up and one size down.

Different cuts of jeans means you won’t always fit the same size, and ill-fitted jeans can get ridiculously annoying. If you’re petite like me, go for a straight leg jean; if your average to tall in height and average size, go for a bootcut leg; and no matter what your height, if you’ve got curves go for a wider bootcut jean. Flares are a fashion jean, skinnies are a fashion jean. A timeless jean can be thrown on and always be in fashion. And over the number of years jeans have changed fashions, straight and bootcut seem to always be popular.

Never worry about the leg length unless you’re really tall and need that extra bit of material. Alteration services are god, they can fix those dragging hems in a tick!

There are three ways I tell if jeans don’t fit. Firstly, I always ask myself are the jeans firm but not uncomfortable? Jeans will give 1/2 a size unless they are 99-100% cotton, but even then they will give a little. If you’re not uncomfortable and can sit without too much difficulty, you’ve tried the sizes up and down, you’re probably good to go. All jeans will take about 30mins-1hr to loosen, if you get them too baggy you’ll look like 50 Cent. Too tight and your blood will be constricted, which is very unhealthy.

Secondly, is the crouch of the jeans. If you look like you can fit a little something extra in there, the waist is too big. Good fit jeans should be snug, but never uncomfortable. Pull the jean out from your waist and see how much room you have. Doing this generally makes the crouch area tight and lets you know if they’re too big or just right.

Next, the back. At the top of the thighs is one of the final spot I check my jeans. Jeans are generally tighter at the top of the thigh, and loosen as they go down the leg. If the jean area at the top, back side of your thigh isn’t sitting flat and has more than three pull lines, they’re not fitting correctly. The other back area you’ll notice if your jeans are too big is the lower back. if this gapes too much, then your jeans will probably fall down in an hour.

The Shoe

My fail-safe shoe is and always will be a nice tan sandal with around an 8-9cm heel. This one is entirely up to how you like your shoes. Just make sure the heel width isn’t too skinny and ones that buckle around your ankle always work wonders. Tan goes with pretty much anything. I have tan heels & flats so that whenever I’m stumped for what to wear, I just grab them. I also have a lighter shade than the Natasha ones I’ve shown here that match my black clothes. They’ve just had so much use they’re a bit too beaten up to show you.

Basically, you now know what kind of jacket, jeans and shoes is hard to go wrong with. You can add a simple white tee under this look for a smart-casual evening or day outfit, or wear it all separate. I’m still in the process of finding the perfect jeans and jacket, although I think might have found a nice Cue jacket and a pair of Citizen of Humanity jeans. I’m now just searching for the right size.