Simple Glam Rock Chic

I love coated J Brand skinnies – so very rock chic. There’s no better tank to wear with a pair of skinnies than a Zimmermann silk tank; buy every colour you like and you’ll be guaranteed to use. Paired with my favourite stilettos of the moment, Tony Bianco’s Karissa, and a great box clutch and statement jewellery and you’re good to go. Love this look!

Simple Glam Rock Chic

Zimmermann silk top
195 AUD –

J Brand low rise jeans
$215 –

170 AUD –

Floral clutch
$1,495 –

Noir Jewelry gold jewelry


Xmas Wish List

Well it’s exactly one month until Christmas and my family and I have started dropping hints about what gifts we want for Christmas. We’re one of those families who rarely surprise each other and instead get each other the things we’ve been lusting after for ages but haven’t gotten ourselves. What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Perhaps a holiday, a lovely candle set, or maybe some perfume. Let me know what you’re wishing for by commenting on this post!

Below I’ve shared my Christmas wish list for everyone to check out. Enjoy!

Country Road Pierra Sandal in Fossil Wood. I’m certain a girl can never have enough neutral coloured flats of all descriptions.

Another Yves Saint Laurent arty ring to add to keep my white one company, this time in a nice blue. I can’t get over how addictive these rings are. I swear I wear mine every day.

J Brand Lola Shorts in Stealth. Who doesn’t love a great pair of leather shorts or a great leather skirt?

And if you saw my blog the other day, Betts Dorothy pumps in nude and the Stussy Florence Lane dress in mustard are also both high on my Christmas wish list.

Here’s to hoping we’ve all been good this year and that Santa brings us what we’re lusting after and wishing for!

What I’m lusting after right now!

Much like browsing the racks in a shop, I like to browse clothes I can’t really afford on a regular basis on online boutiques like and Currently I’m lusting after the following beauties:

T by Alexander Wang One Shoulder Jersey Dress

3.1 Phillip Lim Knot Front Tapered Trousers (I want these so very badly!)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Simone Solid Blouse

And last by not least, J Brand Low Rise Cutoff Shorts in Bright Red (although, many of the other colours available are also gorgeous!)

Definitely some drool worthy pieces here! The Marc by Marc Jacobs top would look lovely with the 3.1 Phillip Lim trousers for a feminine look that’s super comfy and easy to wear! As for the J Brand shorts, a girl from the tropics can NEVER have enough denim shorts.

Online vs Instore

I won’t say a whole lot on the online shopping vs instore shopping right now because I plan to do an article on this next month and don’t want to feel like I’m repeating myself (plus nearly everyone has something to say about it). However, I just discovered that it is actually cheaper for me to purchase J Brand’s jean leggings from than it is to purchase them with my staff discount at the boutique I work in.

One of the reasons behind this is the free shipping that many online stores are now offering. They’re not silly; they know you can be dissuaded from buying that dress or those shoes due to a pesky $10+ shipping fee. That’s $10 you could spent at the supermarket, or on drinks, or on lunch. Online retailers know it’s more beneficial for them to take this cost on themselves than to lose your business. In a way they’re actually smarter than your local boutiques. They’re often tricking you with a $1 saving compared to a brand’s RRP; similar to the way consumers can be subconsciously tricked by the pricing of items for example at $4.95 instead of $5.

A local boutique is convenient, sure. But in today’s economy where many people are becoming more thrifty and are conscious about the small amounts of money that can go to waste. People are now going for the pair of jeans that may save them a mere $3.72 on a pair of jeans that they have to wait an extra week to get; consumers want a bargain and they want competitiveness. The online retailers are smart enough to play into the hands of these consumers, even if it’s less only one dollar less than the price the brand recommends.

In a way it’s sad. I used to think I would remain loyal to my local boutiques no matter what. Unfortunately, I happen to live in a small city and majority of the time, my local boutiques don’t stock certain brands I want, let-a-lone the full range. With Visa-debit cards on the rise, it’s even easier to snub the locals in favour of online retail giants who have large size quantities and often full collections from brands.

One of the other downsides of instore shopping? Local retailers can’t buy in bulk, therefore, the prices can’t be pushed just that little bit cheaper. Your local boutique has to pay for shipping, staff, and much more. Online stores simply need a warehouse, a computer with internet, and a staff who don’t have to engage their consumer to convince them to buy.

In the end, is it really worth seeing your favourite boutique suffer in order to save $3.72? Personally, I think not. I would much rather try on the J Brand jeggings at the boutique I work to ensure the size is right (some brands don’t always cut accurately and J Brand happens to be one of these) than save myself the price of a very small coffee and wait around for a week or two while the jeans arrive. Unless the difference in price is greater than $10, I’m not going to shop online over instore (nevermind the fact I’m paranoid about internet fraud). After all, when you’re in need of an outfit last-minute on a Friday afternoon, only your local boutique will be there to meet your needs. A computer can’t pull the perfect dress for a wedding reception off a rack that it thinks will suit your figure, only the shop assistant who’s dealt with you countless times can.

So if you’re dying for that dress that you local boutique just doesn’t or won’t stock, then go to the online retailers.
But if you’ve got a choice between your local boutique and an online store and the price difference isn’t big and the colour or the size you want are in stock at both, support your local boutique. At the end of the day, they will be there to hold your hand during an outfit crisis.

J Brand Inez in Vintage Navy

J Brand’s Inez chinos. I’ve seen them in pink and green which I thought were adorable but personally I prefer them in Vintage Navy. I’m fairly certain my mother already owns a pair though in a different colour and considering we ended up both wearing Onyx houlihans out to lunch by mistake the other day–did I mention we both had white tops on? Mothers & daughters don’t look cute matched if the daughter happens to be over 18–so I think I will just admire these jeans from afar (or from the distance between me and my mother, rather). These pants are definitely funky and would be great with cute sandals or an awesome pair of open toe heels. Depending on your personal style, both a frilly, floaty blouse or a funky tank/top would go great with these. For these pants I’d personally wear lots of boho jewellery, I can totally see someone like Drew Barrymore in these babies.

J Brand Inez in vintage Navy

J Brand Capri

Clearly I’m feeling ill because I keep being draw towards colourful things lately! Or perhaps I’m just liking the bright trends for Spring Summer. Usually I stick to neutrals; but I have a bit of a pink bug going right now. First, it was the a pink Fleur Wood dress (which is amazing, pics will come soon!); then it was the fuchsia and red Tony Bianco wedges; now, I’m totally digging J Brands 935 Low-Rise Capri in Pale Rose! I do tend to hesitate before wearing pale coloured full leg pants (even some pale blues, I err on the side of caution); however, it’s tempting to give these babies a try.

J Brand 935 Low-Rise Capri in Pale Rose $176