Witchery comes to Townsville!

The new development in Castletown was revealed on September 30 to a huge success. The renovation looks wonderful; very bright with wide isles and a very polished finish. Newcomers to Townsville, Witchery and Forever New, caused quite a commotion, with heaps of clothes selling out within the first few days. Universal Store now has a larger store, prompting thoughts that their previous space in Castletown was only very temporary until the new section was completed. Foxx Fo and Hunter were also among the newcomers. Hunter is part of the Jaxx/Stella Moda local company that is extremely popular with both older teenagers and young adults and their new store has the same boutique vibe, only now it’s located in a major shopping complex. Foxx Fo has some similar brands as Hunter, only for a cheaper price. If you’re a bargain hunter definitely have a dig through there, however, those who are older may be less likely to find things to their taste as the store is predominately a 15 to 20-something year old market.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Witchery and I purchased a lovely black skirt and blue and grey striped top on the opening night of Castletown’s new section. The skirt doubles both as something more dressy and as a great work-experience/internship skirt and the top is also more corporate but looks awesome paired with darker jeans.

Witchery skirt $100 and top $60 - both versatile and super cute pieces!

Witchery skirt and top paired with tan heels, gold jewelery and wavy hair

Other pieces I love are the V Neck Tunic in Navy, although, for a while I contemplated getting it in Khaki/Oatmeal. As well as the Silk Drape Trapeze Dress.

Witchery V Neck Tunic in Navy

Witchery Silk Drape Trapeze Dress - gorgeous!

My latest journalism assignment is actually to review Castletown’s redevelopment and take photos of some outfits. When it’s published I will post the outfit’s (both men’s and women’s) I choose as well as post my more in-depth review!