Witchery VS Barkins

A month or so back I discovered on a blogspot blog (which I can’t remember the name of, oops!) a lovely pair of geometric printed shorts pair with a mustard yellow button up shirt and tan heels. I discovered that the shorts where from Barkins and cost a mere $29.95. Bargain!

However, today I was looking through the Witchery website and what should I find? The same geometric print shorts in a slightly different design. Witchery’s version is priced at $89.95.

I have tried on the Barkins pair and was hoping that, despite the fact they only size down to an 8 in majority of things, they would be closer to a size 6 than the 8 on the tag and therefore I could nab a pair. This was not the case. I simply couldn’t fill the shorts out (much like the fact I can never fill out a pair of Barkins shoes – apparently budget Barkins shopping will never happen for me) and because they were too big they merely made me look dorky. The material of the shorts wasn’t the best either, but when you’re getting a lovely pair of printed shorts for $30, you shouldn’t get too picky. It got me thinking that while the Witchery shorts are more expensive, they do go down to a size 6 and are possibly a better material. However, I have not seen a pair of these shorts in real-life and am yet to determine if this is true. One downfall of the Witchery shorts (despite the fact they’re more expensive) is the fact they don’t appear to be high-waisted, whereas the Barkins pair are. This could potentially alter the cute-level of the shorts but none-the-less, I feel I must go investigate these for myself and make an informed judgement. Either way, they’re very cute and short printed shorts are perfect this summer. Wear them with a neutral-tone top, cute sandals, big brown sunnies and long wavy hair for the perfect summer look.

Witchery Geo Print Cuffed Shorts

Barkins Printed Shorts

Excuse the size of the images, I couldn’t find any pictures except for tiny little thumbnails!