Castletown Connexion Blog Competition Update

Unfortunately, I did not make it through to the top 5 in the Castletown Connexion blog competition. I am quite disappointed as I really wanted the position because it would not only have been fun but would have looked good on my resume; such is life, I suppose.

Anyway the video I shot for it turned out a lot better than I thought it would; I was a bit nervous when I was being filmed as I’ve never been on camera before. But luckily I only had a few slip ups and did a pretty good job. I was never going to get enough Facebook likes to get through as one of the two Facebook choices and unfortunately the judges didn’t see what they were looking for in me.

Two of my friends, however, got through–Lucy Jackson as a people’s choice and Melanie McDowall as a judge’s choice–and Mel ended up winning the competition! I’m very glad she won because her and Lucy both have a great (yet very different) sense of style and are very dedicated to fashion. Check out my video and see what you think. I’ll upload some of my other blogs that I did for the competition a bit later. Expect more blog posts from me in the next few months as uni is just about over for the year which means I will have heaps of time on my hands to blog about all my fashion finds and lusts!