The Blouse Hunt

Cute Witchery top

You know the feeling of walking into your cupboard and realising you have an abundance/lack-of a certain style or type of clothing? Well that happened to me the other day when I realised that I have no gym shirts and no going-out/good blouses. I just have an extremely over-supply of casual-uni-appropriate tops. Then I realised, “woah, lots of dressed, LOTS of shorts and a few pairs of jeans… but not many work appropriate tops”. I only go to uni two days a week and Sunday is the only day I don’t wear nicer clothes because I have the day off work. The over-supply seemed complete unnecessary. My latest fashion mission: hunt down and purchase cute tops for gym and work.

The gym one was easy – thank you Lorna Jane. Literally, they were the only place with decent gym clothes that a) look good b) are easy to move in and c) are cool enough in this humid tropical climate that your back doesn’t turn into a waterfall of sweat.

Now heading into the middle of summer in a tropical climate, you would think there would be heaps of cute little blouses around right now. Not the case. I searched all my usual jaunts in order to find something and came up very short. I want/ed something classic (simple cut, no spaghetti straps), in either white or cream and if I had to, I’d even settle for black. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune and it had to be flattering on. Anything that caught my eye was out of my budget and wasn’t 100% what I was looking for; everything else got a big fat cross in the prerequisites list.

Eventually, I found a lovely singlet top. It’s something a bit dressier from Witchery but only ticked a few of my prerequisites – cute cut, nice colour (but not the colour I wanted) and smart casual. It goes great with my Natasha tan heels and my JBrand jeggings.

So if anyone comes across some cute, summery, cream or white blouses please feel free to tell me. My wardrobe is desperate 😉