Beach babe

Who doesn’t like a cute beach dress? Definitely not me, that’s for sure! And who doesn’t need multiple of them so you can colour co-ordinate with your bikini?

2 Chillies essential beach kaftan – probably my favourite of my favourites!

Tigerlily zofia dress in indigo

You can find heaps of cute beach dresses at Surfstitch – just in time for the weekend too!

Colour Hungry

Rebecca Minkoff Ero Long Dress

I’m currently experiencing one of those I-can’t-afford-anything moments thanks to my upcoming 21st bash so instead of shopping online I’m drooling on my keyboard and showing you all what I’ve found instead. Here’s to hoping my family gets a bit uncreative and gives me money for shopping for my birthday.

Above is the kind of colour that reminds me of orange jelly for some reason. Amazing. I don’t usually like orange either; for this dress, I will make an exception. Loving the little side cut-outs as well.

Alice + Olivia Mila Pleated One Shoulder Dress

If this gorgeous shade of lime green doesn’t scream summery then I don’t know what does (okay, maybe a sunny yellow but you get my point). I adore the shape of this dress – nice and floaty – and I’m pretty sure this would make a fabulous, fuss-free frock for dinner somewhere.

Nicholas Mickey Shift Dress

Firstly, I love the shape of this dress. I’m fairly certain I tried it on in a steel-blue colour at Green With Envy in Melbourne which looked great (however I was pacing the shopping at the time and decided to go for cute shorts instead). I love the colour to, as cobalt blue is versatile in a way – bright, but not so bright you can’t wear it certain places without drawing strange looks.

Alice + Olivia Rosie Blouson Dress

Ah purple, my favourite colour of all. Not to mention, this gorgeous floaty number shares the same name as me! On me, I’m not so sure the dress would work overly well; however I can imagine a few of my friends in this cutie (if only the person I’m picturing in it would wear this shade of purple). I love the big statement necklace that was styled with this outfit too!

Free People Off Shoulder Textured Dress

Ooh, what a fun colour! Another one that reminds me somewhere between red jelly and raspberry sorbet. I adore the shoulder on this dress which give it a great neckline (has anyone ever noticed I’m obsessed with the décolletage area? No, well I am). Perhaps would be a great party dress for when there’s cute guys around? I also like the little long neckalces with this, makes it slightly more casual and edgier in a way.

Anyways that’s all my current colourful lusts from Shopbop. Go check them out and see what colourful lovelies you can find for yourself!

The Showman

We Are Handsome The Anchorage mini dress

If there’s one brand right now that’s going to undo my savings goal it’s We Are Handsome. If you haven’t heard of this amazing Australian brand yet then I suggest you click here ASAP!

We Are Handsome The Showman mini dress

Created by Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Jules, the brand is pretty much wearable art. The digital prints on their dresses, one-pieces and bikinis are unlike any other I have seen before. Plus, not only are the prints are high quality, but the materials they use are absolutely fantastic.

Indhra and Jeremy of We Are Handsome

I first discovered the brand through a local boutique in Townsville called Jaxx. During my exam study boredom I discovered a picture on Jaxx’s Facebook page of a dress (by We Are Handsome) with hot air balloons on it (The Dreamer mini dress) and was instantly gobsmacked by it. After commenting on the photo to find out where the dress was and if my size was kicking around I immediately drove to the boutique to find it. You might think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I left the house early in the opposite direction to where I was headed purely to search for a dress that may or may not have looked good on me or may not have been in my size. Luckily that was not the case. What really interested me was the fact the dress was made out of similar material to that of a good bikini. If you read any of my previous posts or tweets you’ll already know that I bought the dress then and there. While finding underwear to wear under the dress due to its pale colour was initially a challenge, I had so much fun wearing the dress that it made it all worthwhile.

We Are Handsome

The material was on of the reasons wearing We Are Handsome’s dresses are great. I live in an extremely hot and humid city and while it’s only the start of the heat I didn’t get too hot and sweaty dancing crazily through the night.

We Are Handsome The Vintage 2011/2012 – Left: The Anchorage mini dress

So my reaction to reading Jaxx’s Facebook status about new We Are Handsome landing in store: I jumped in my car and drove straight there. It was a difficult decision but I ended up putting a dress on lay-by. I chose The Showman mini dress over The Anchorage (which is also amazing). Infact The Anchorage print is so fabulous I may need to consider investing (yes, investing) in the one-piece bikini version of the print. I plan on wearing my lovely Showman dress out on NYE and I should (keyword) be the only one wearing the dress considering Jaxx only got one of the print in. I’m so excited to wear it and I’m already planning how to accessorise it!

We Are Handsome

ASOS Window Shopping

After spending over a month straight going to bed between 12am and 2am thanks to uni work, exhaustion has caught up with me and given me the flu. Instead of going out and continuing the celebrations that mark the end of the uni year, I’m stuck at home ‘resting’. What better way to spend a Saturday night in that sussing out cute clothes and watching some TV?

ASOS is a great site to hit when you’re in a shopping mood simply because they have so many options on offer. So here are some cute pieces I felt the need to share with you all! Oh and did I mention they’re all under $100AUD?

For a cool night out with the girls, pair this blue beauty with some tan heels and gold accessories.

ASOS PETITE Exclusive Long Sleeve Belted Wrap Front Dress

Every girl needs a few dresses that can go from the boardroom to after-work drinks. Wow them all in this red number.

ASOS Mini Tulip Dress with Flute Sleeves in Red

Wear with brogues and braids for a conservative-gone-artistic chic look.

ASOS Shift Dress with Embellished Trim in Navy/Silver

What a gorgeous colour! Like a lime flavoured icy-pop in the summer sun. The perfect dress for shopping and lunch dates with the ladies. I’m definitely considering purchasing this number to cheer me up!

ASOS Belted Dress With Scoop Neck in Antique Moss

Party the summer nights away in this show-stopping frock. This shade of plum is simply divine and so very fun. Don’t go OTT by pairing with a black clutch and heels and understated jewelry.

TFNC Bandeau Sweetheart Sequin Dress

Another dress I’m really wanting right now is this lovely white number. There’s just something about this dress that gets me. Maybe it’s the fact you can accessorise it with lots of black without looking like you’ve just stepped out of a goth’s wardrobe? Whatever it is, I like it!

ASOS Tailored Pleat Lapel Crepe Dress in Cream

Anyway I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Maybe if you’re tired tomorrow from too much fun you can find a great frock for next week!

Xmas Wish List

Well it’s exactly one month until Christmas and my family and I have started dropping hints about what gifts we want for Christmas. We’re one of those families who rarely surprise each other and instead get each other the things we’ve been lusting after for ages but haven’t gotten ourselves. What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Perhaps a holiday, a lovely candle set, or maybe some perfume. Let me know what you’re wishing for by commenting on this post!

Below I’ve shared my Christmas wish list for everyone to check out. Enjoy!

Country Road Pierra Sandal in Fossil Wood. I’m certain a girl can never have enough neutral coloured flats of all descriptions.

Another Yves Saint Laurent arty ring to add to keep my white one company, this time in a nice blue. I can’t get over how addictive these rings are. I swear I wear mine every day.

J Brand Lola Shorts in Stealth. Who doesn’t love a great pair of leather shorts or a great leather skirt?

And if you saw my blog the other day, Betts Dorothy pumps in nude and the Stussy Florence Lane dress in mustard are also both high on my Christmas wish list.

Here’s to hoping we’ve all been good this year and that Santa brings us what we’re lusting after and wishing for!

Online Shopping Pretties

Just a quick blog/study break with a few things I’m lusting after right now. Oh how I wish my budget looked like it does normally!

Camilla and Marc dress from I would totally wear this as a guest to my brother’s formal if my bank account was looking a bit better and I wasn’t so concerned about looking like one of the students. The colour is amazing!

camilla and marc janita dress in jungle green

I love Paige Premium Denim’s verdugo jeggings also from They’re slightly thicker than J Brand jeggings but just as comfy and they’re oh-so soft! I have a burgundy colour already but wouldn’t mind this lovely magenta colour as it’s the kind of colour that goes with everything! Plus they’re a little bit attention grabbing, but not too much.

Paige Premium Denim verdugo jegging in magenta

Next up are some gorgeous Witchery sandals. They look great on and I love the multiple coloured ankle strap. Just add a sweet little top, short shorts and a small handbag and you’ll be ready to roll! I’m currently torn between buying these or a cute pair of sandals from Country Road. As the Twitter world would say, first world problem, much?

Witchery amelia woven sandal

If you too are bored and needing a break from study during exam period, it’s definitely worth checking some of these items out; perhaps you can buy now for a post-exam treat in two weeks? X

ASOS lust

This afternoon I spent a few hours lusting after some clothes on ASOS and I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all! I may not be able to afford any clothes for the next few weeks (thanks to too much splurging on things in Auckland) but I can at least look… And maybe if I’m naughty I’ll turn a blind eye and sneak something past my self-imposed clothes ban.

Outfit lust #1: ASOS Petite dress with full pleated skirt and sequin embellishment $123.30

I love this so much; it’s the perfect balance between a party dress and a chic dinner gown. I don’t often buy dresses that hit just below the knee because they usually make me look shorter than I already am; but I would probably make an exception for this dress. Ladies, if you’re tall-ish, please buy this!


Outfit lust #2: ASOS Petite Exclusive mesh insert skater dress AU$73.98

I love this because it’s so very lady-like and reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s a shame my city doesn’t have any more racing events coming up otherwise I’d have a great excuse to wear it. Melbourne Cup, perhaps?


Outfit lust #3: ASOS Exclusive playsuit with pleat neck detail (in either purple or blue) AU$57.54

The budget might be tight post-holiday but this is so cute I’m having a lot of trouble resisting it. Perfect for a hot summer’s night out on the town, or for lunch with the girls. I just need to work out which colour I prefer.


Outfit lust #4: ASOS Petite green skinny jeans AU$52.61

I’ve been wanting a pair of green skinny jeans ever since the coloured jeans trend started, but I figured I start with colbalt blue and work my way from there. Now that I own a cobalt blue and maroon red pair, I think it’s time to progress onto green. This ASOS pair are just the right price to sneak into my limited clothes budget at the moment too.


Outfit lust #5: ASOS lace shell top AU$36.17

Another item I am seriously considering breaking my clothes ban for. I’ve always wanted a black lace top but I’ve never found the right cut; I love this top because it has no puffy sleeves and it’s just simple and chic.


Outfit lust #6: ASOS Petite super long pussy bow blouse (in black or white) AU$49.32

Pussy bow blouses are one of my favourite types of tops around. Of course the only problem for me is the sleeves are usually too long–which is where ASOS Petite comes in handy. The oversized bow is very cute and this top would match my Zimmermann skater skirt nicely. Definitely the kind of shirt you don’t lean over the table in though!


Outfit lust #7: Ally Capellino bracelets AU$62.47

I’ll admit it, I’m a serial bracelet addict; I’m sure one can never have enough of them! This bracelet is one I would love to add to my collection.


Last, but not least, outfit lust #8: French Connection silk shift dress with beaded collar, on sale for AU$118.37

Probably my favourite of all the items I’ve pictured. I love the beading on the collar, as well as the lovely colour and the unique back. I can think of so many places to wear this dress. Another one to add to the list of things I’m considering breaking my clothes ban for.

And now I must be off to contemplate whether one of these lovely pieces is worth breaking the clothes ban for. Feel free to comment and tell me your favourite item!