Recent buys

A few of my recent purchases.

Repetto tan ballet flats from local boutique Domain Shoes and Accessories. Did I mention I can wear my orthotics with them? Winner. Although, okay, I admit I do need to invest in some double sided tape just to hold the orthotics down a bit better. But at least I kind of have another pair of shoes to wear orthotics with.


Rory Beca lace running shorts from Shopbop. So comfy, so good for kicking around the house. And they’re a bit chic too. Oh, and they were $30. Love it.


Forever New white and black button up dress. I bought this for an upcoming 21st with the theme ‘white formal’. Obviously I could have gone with something more formal, like a gown, but with the right hair and makeup I think this will work. Plus the party is in a club and I’m not risking a drink spill on something ball gown-ish.


Rosie: 1, Ugly Orthotics Shoes: 0

I’m so excited! I found a pair of shoes that are actually attractive to wear orthotics with! They’re nothing schmancy but they’re a definite start and I’m super excited for them to arrive in Australia from the US.

I give all the credit to this find/win to Polyvore, which I only discovered today, who showed me the most fantastic collection of middle to high-end designer shoes I’ve ever seen. Polyvore lead me to La Garconne an American website with a nice selection of designerwear. Luckily the other day, I tried on a pair of Repetto ballet flats in a local boutique. However, they only had a limited range and nothing that suited what I wanted. Polyvore showed me the cutest pair of patent black ballet flats with a strap across the ankle to hold me in my shoes. Perfect for orthotics! And they’re not clunky and uh-gly like most orthotic friendly shoes.



Repetto Lio Mary Jane Flat in black patent

Granted they did cost $300 AUD, however if that’s how much it’s going to cost to save my feet and knees from reconstructive surgery while looking good I’ll take it. I mean I’ll have to wear them everyday, so surely I can get them down to $1 a wear before they start looking crappy? You know, so you’re getting good wear out of something rather expensive.

Now I just have to wait till they arrive which will be around when I get my half-sole pair of orthotics. My new job requires black closed in shoes and luckily I wear so much black that they’ll go with a fair section of my wardrobe… Next up I just need to work out if I can wear ballet flats without a strap. Watch out for my potentially caps lock overloaded post when they arrive!