Black and Gold


Oh black and gold! Not only do I hold a soft spot in my heart for those colours thanks to 12 years of house spirit from school, but it looks good in jewellery too!

I received a lovely Stockland gift voucher for my 21st which I used to buy some new jewellery. Such as my lovely black tooth necklace on a long chain and my two new rings in a similar style.

These babies go fantastically with my current wardrobe and help make them feel a bit different and new. Plus they each cost under $15! Bargain!



Word bracelets

Despite how confusing it is that Jaxx’s other Gregory Street store continually changes it’s name with each new season, it always seems to stock great accessories. Jewelry, shoes, the odd bag and even little gift items such as journals and the like. I’m forever wanting some cute accessory there!
I recently picked up a cute silver word bangle there. Written on it is, ‘sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye’. I just couldn’t pass it up, as my gold bangle with, ‘amore’, on it goes with everything and I’m always wearing it. An easy outfit accessory!