Cigarettes and Visual Merchandising

A local mens store in my city currently has a manikin in the window with a paper bag on its head, drawn on facial-features and a cigarette glued to its sharpie-drawn mouth. Next to it is a female manikin trying to kiss/make out with paper-bag-dude.
I’m sorry but that is by no means a good window display. I’ve seen manikins styled in many ways – some stores have them pretending to run, but these manikins took it to another level. They looked cheap and tacky. The clothes on the manikin are nice, so it’s a shame you get too distracted by the cigarette to look at them. If you want to be edgy, different, attention grabbing, think of something other than a paper bag and a cigarette. Please, I beg of you!

For The Males: The Ted Baker Ashcroft

Ted Baker Ashcroft

Ted Baker Ashcroft2

If there’s one type of shoe I insist a male gets, it’s the Ted Baker Ashcroft. I first discovered these beauties when they arrived at Cubah Menswear in Townsville during a mid-winter drop and instantly fell in love with them. Since they arrived I keep getting all the guys that come into work wanting shoes to try them on because I love them that much and majority of the time, guys love them.

Recently, my mother and I purchased a pair of the Ashcroft2 for my brother’s upcoming birthday. These shoes look fantastic with a nice pair of jeans (preferably a dark indigo), however, they also work well under dress pants for both formal and work occasions. They’re a lovely soft leather and a nice alternative to the rather pointy, long men’s shoes going around at the moment, which I have found aren’t suited to men with large, wide feet. However, not to fear, they are classier than the average square or round toe shoe. Ted Baker are also a great brand and I’ve never meet a man who owns a pair of Ted Baker shoes and has a complaint about them.

Look them up online or take a trip down to your local Ted Baker stockist and check them out, guys!