LOVER The Label, Witchery & Sabo Skirt

4 favourite new get-ups:


Sabo Skirt jacket, Joie dress, Gorman clutch, Natasha heels

Gosh I love this outfit! The jacket is nice and light and while I do wish it was slightly better made at least it looks good and I can wear it in summer. This dress has definitely become my new fool-proof LBD and with the bag and shoes its a perfect spring outfit for the tropics. Floral jackets and pants are definitely a bit of fun so give them a go if you haven’t already.


Witchery linen jacket & tank, Kookai skirt, Zara studded pumps


Witchery neon knit, Kookai skirt, Tony Bianco pumps, Gorman clutch, YSL arty ring

Another FAVOURITE outfit of late. The colour is so out-of-character for me but I feel like its another good spring outfit. Especially for nights out with a cool breeze. Plus neon is so very on trend right now.


LOVER The Label dress, Eclettica clutch, Betts pumps

LOVER The Label on sale? YES! PLEASE! I don’t know what to say about this dress other than I’m in love with it and wish I had a billion black tie events to attend so I could repeatedly wear this. And the quality is superb! There’s nothing I like more than a wow dress that’s quality. I will be buying more LOVER in future even if it’s not on sale and costs me an arm and a leg.


3 Ways To Do Lace Peplum

A great find in Forever New recently that consists of two of my favourite words right now: lace, peplum. Firstly, this top is comfy as anything (usually a requirement to make it into my wardrobe) and secondly, so many options!

The top does come with a purple came underneath but it’s detachable, therefore making the top a lot more fun.


Father’s Day lunch: paired with True Religion shorts & Natasha sandals


Later that night heading to the movies with friends: paired with Paige Premium Denim verdugo leggings, Natasha sandals and a Witchery nude cami underneath.


A week or so later heading out for drinks: paired with Kookai skirt & Tony Bianco nude pumps

I’ll definitely be looking for more ways to style this baby.

Recent buys

A few of my recent purchases.

Repetto tan ballet flats from local boutique Domain Shoes and Accessories. Did I mention I can wear my orthotics with them? Winner. Although, okay, I admit I do need to invest in some double sided tape just to hold the orthotics down a bit better. But at least I kind of have another pair of shoes to wear orthotics with.


Rory Beca lace running shorts from Shopbop. So comfy, so good for kicking around the house. And they’re a bit chic too. Oh, and they were $30. Love it.


Forever New white and black button up dress. I bought this for an upcoming 21st with the theme ‘white formal’. Obviously I could have gone with something more formal, like a gown, but with the right hair and makeup I think this will work. Plus the party is in a club and I’m not risking a drink spill on something ball gown-ish.


Peplum Chic

Peplum inhales have been extremely on trend over the last 6 months and I finally decided to jump on board the bandwagon a month or so ago.

My search for a peplum top was difficult. The style seems to be slowing down and anything I found was either outside of the price I was willing to pay or awful quality and didn’t quite look right.

While I found a lovely eggplant coloured top at Cue, I didn’t want anything other than white or cream and they only had dark colours available. The quality was obviously good, but it was also a bit too thick for my liking. Every other peplum top I looked for in local shops were bad quality and I found nothing online.

Then eventually I found a nice quality white peplum top from Dotti. Not only did they have ample colours, it was only $40 and has so far washed well. It’s also not too thin and not too thick, so at least I’m warm in the tropic’s version of winter (read: 20 degrees Celsius).

I find this goes great with both jeans and fitted skirts. I’m yet to find more it matches but I do plan to buy another colour while they’re available. If you have a Dotti nearby, go check these out.

Worn below with Kookai skirt, Betts Dorothy nude pumps, Dinosaur Designs bangles.


Joie Topaz Dress

Apologies on not having posted anything in a while. Uni end of semester exams and block mode subjects have been taking up all my time recently.

So I thought it would be easiest to show off my latest find and work backwards.

I’d been lusting after this Joie topaz dress for a few months when finally a week or two ago it went on sale! Yay! Needless to say I jumped on that one and now am the proud owner of another black flowy dress. My male friends can’t tell the difference between them and were convinced I wore a dress out two nights in a row. Untrue, of course, and one even had massive black gems all over the front; but we all know most boys don’t have an eye for that sort of thing.

I love this dress as it’s easy to wear, comfy and a nice quality. I will be more careful with it though as I did snag it slightly on a rough-edge table 😦 I’ll also be purchasing more from the brand Joie now I know they’re good quality.

Worn below with London Rebel red pumps


An online shopping dilemma


I’ve had this strange obsession with this gorgeous Faded Daisy Dress from Life With Bird ever since it hit the online store. I adore the cut of this dress and love the print, until I saw a close up of it that is. As much as I love this dress, I can’t get past the fact the leopard print isn’t just your good old black and white.


I’m not a huge print girl, and while I adore this dress I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to risk buying it (I’m nowhere near a LWB store or stockist to try it on, so I’d be buying blind over the net). I guess for myself, even though I buy online regularly, I tend to stick to things that I can work out how they’ll sit on me, or prints and cuts I know I’ve liked in the past.

Below are two classic examples of things I would buy because I know how they will sit on me and that I’ll actually wear the print (or colour, in this case) because they will suit me. LWB’s hypnotist top and s/s shirt dress.

<br /


For example, I would probably never buy a strapless dress online because I have a hard time holding them up (I’ve only ever bought 3 in my life). Funnily enough, my 21st birthday dress was a gorgeous strapless Zimmermann number I never expected to love or be able to hold up (in fact it’s the only one of three that fits properly and that I genuinely adore) — I’d seen it online but it wasn’t till I saw it on myself that I realized how lovely it was.

My advice, take a risk when buying online every now and then, but try on lots of different shapes and prints in your local store so you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work on you. Also, never go online shopping without a tape measure that has both centimeters and inches on it!