Recent buys

A few of my recent purchases.

Repetto tan ballet flats from local boutique Domain Shoes and Accessories. Did I mention I can wear my orthotics with them? Winner. Although, okay, I admit I do need to invest in some double sided tape just to hold the orthotics down a bit better. But at least I kind of have another pair of shoes to wear orthotics with.


Rory Beca lace running shorts from Shopbop. So comfy, so good for kicking around the house. And they’re a bit chic too. Oh, and they were $30. Love it.


Forever New white and black button up dress. I bought this for an upcoming 21st with the theme ‘white formal’. Obviously I could have gone with something more formal, like a gown, but with the right hair and makeup I think this will work. Plus the party is in a club and I’m not risking a drink spill on something ball gown-ish.


Peplum Chic

Peplum inhales have been extremely on trend over the last 6 months and I finally decided to jump on board the bandwagon a month or so ago.

My search for a peplum top was difficult. The style seems to be slowing down and anything I found was either outside of the price I was willing to pay or awful quality and didn’t quite look right.

While I found a lovely eggplant coloured top at Cue, I didn’t want anything other than white or cream and they only had dark colours available. The quality was obviously good, but it was also a bit too thick for my liking. Every other peplum top I looked for in local shops were bad quality and I found nothing online.

Then eventually I found a nice quality white peplum top from Dotti. Not only did they have ample colours, it was only $40 and has so far washed well. It’s also not too thin and not too thick, so at least I’m warm in the tropic’s version of winter (read: 20 degrees Celsius).

I find this goes great with both jeans and fitted skirts. I’m yet to find more it matches but I do plan to buy another colour while they’re available. If you have a Dotti nearby, go check these out.

Worn below with Kookai skirt, Betts Dorothy nude pumps, Dinosaur Designs bangles.


Joie Topaz Dress

Apologies on not having posted anything in a while. Uni end of semester exams and block mode subjects have been taking up all my time recently.

So I thought it would be easiest to show off my latest find and work backwards.

I’d been lusting after this Joie topaz dress for a few months when finally a week or two ago it went on sale! Yay! Needless to say I jumped on that one and now am the proud owner of another black flowy dress. My male friends can’t tell the difference between them and were convinced I wore a dress out two nights in a row. Untrue, of course, and one even had massive black gems all over the front; but we all know most boys don’t have an eye for that sort of thing.

I love this dress as it’s easy to wear, comfy and a nice quality. I will be more careful with it though as I did snag it slightly on a rough-edge table 😦 I’ll also be purchasing more from the brand Joie now I know they’re good quality.

Worn below with London Rebel red pumps