I love Tony Bianco, I really, really do. But sometimes I have to wonder: if a couple of there styles bare ridiculous resemblance to other brands, how original are some designer’s designs? (That’s not a rhetorical question either, I’d really like to know). In the past I’ve noticed a striking resemblance between certain Pedro Garcia flat styles and Tony Bianco’s stuff. Today, while scrolling through the Tony Bianco website a pair of shoes caught my eye. A pair I was certain I had seen before. Turns out I had, sort of. A few weeks ago you may remember my post about ankle booties. I featured a pair of lovely H by Hudson suede wrap strap booties from Shopbop. Well it turns out Tony Bianco has their own version, the Gibralter in fudge-diesel chic-wax.


Tony Bianco Gibralter Fudge-Diesel Choc-Wax bootie

Now I’m not going to point fingers and blame anyone of pinching other people’s designs. It just so happens I keep a close eye on Tony Bianco’s collections (because I’m chronic a Tony Bianco-aholic) and notice when I see stuff that’s similar. I just have to wonder if some brands simply pick pre-designed designs and just change the colour, or the quality or type of material. I have featured something similar to this when I first started blogging, a pair of shorts both Witchery and Barkin had that was essentially exactly the same. In the past I’ve also experienced cross-overs between Sportsgirl, Jeans West and Valleygirl clothes – more specifically, the exactly same shift dress for three different prices and made from three different types and quality material. 

Now I’m not necessarily complaining – I know Tony Bianco fits, whereas I’m not so sure about my Pedro Garcia or H by Hudson sizing – but I am a little intrigued to know the reasons behind these cross-overs. Obviously in fashion we see trends develop each season and inevitably multiple brands all follow that trend; but I would hope that each brand has their own unique take on something instead of reproducing something else. I guess this only goes to a certain point; the point being where others want to wear a major runway trend but can’t afford or don’t want to fork out the money for it. 

I hate to sit on the fence on the issue but I wouldn’t want to think the worst of some of the brands we grow to love. If you have an opinion on the matter please comment below and tell us what you think! Should brands copy certain styles to offer a cheaper alternative, or should they be true to the word designer by being original?

The weekly online shopping lust list

Yes, I’m at it again. Lusting after endless amounts of clothes online. I can’t help it. I’m quite possibly addicted and I don’t even care. Here’s a few items from Green With Envy I’m currently lusting after.

First up, a pair of Elizabeth and James floral ozzy shorts. “Why?”, I pretend to hear you ask. Well, a) they’re silk shorts and I can’t go past a cute pair of silk shorts, and b) they’re such a lovely floral print.


Josh Goot clean cap sleeve dress in black rose – honestly, is there a female around who’s not obsessed with this print? I think not. I love the shape of this dress. Possibly not lusting after it as much as I am the skirt, but something I could see myself wearing assuming it fit me correctly.


Josh Goot cocktail night rose dress in blue. What a print! And the shape – amazing! I could see this working for both work and after 5 drinks. With a killer pair pumps, a lovely neat top knot and a nice pair of earrings, this is a look that would turn heads.


Alexander Wang stretchy viscose sleeveless dress. Amazing colour, I’m addicted to rich shades of purple right now and this wine colour hits the right note. Fantastic cut too, I love the peek-a-boo chest cut-outs.


T by Alexander Wang silk CDC GGT long sleeve shirt. Oh how I adore this top. Very well positioned pockets if you dare to bare too. Picture this with a fabulous pair of coloured jeans — amazing!


KJ by Kirrily Johnston barrell shirt. Well, on me it would be a very modest dress; but how chic is it! Great for winter with some very edgy heels.


Go forth my pretties and lust away! There’s nothing wrong with looking, right?

MBFWA S/S 12/13

Some of my favourite pictures coming out of fashion week right now. There will be more to come, these are just a few of my faves from the Wed morning shows!

Life With Bird
br />

Kate Waterhouse — God, I love this look. Those heels are just divine!


Harper and Harley blogger Sara Donaldson


Sass & Bide’s Sarah Jane Clarke


Breath-taking Zimmermann


Life With Bird


Life With Bird


Alice McCall


Lovely street-style pic


21st birthday outfit

I can’t remember if I ever posted a picture of the outfit I wore to my 21st after all the effort I went to putting it together. Apologizes if I’ve already blogged this and am suffering amnesia.

I found this lovely Zimmermann dress in Melbourne while on holidays and was surprised at the time something strapless actually stayed up on me for once. The cut of the dress is very flattering on the female figure too; possibly something to do with the nicely cinched waisted and sweetheart neckline.


I did have a fair amount of trouble finding things to go with it. At first I tried contrasting it against block colours to no success. My turquoise necklace looked great but it wasn’t quite the look I was going for. I tried on purple, black, everything. Eventually a friend suggested a rather obvious choice I hadn’t thought of: gold and diamanté costume jewellery. While looking for something of this description, however, I found a lovely gold and shell leaf necklace that matched perfectly, along with some great gold and shell bangles to match all from Lovisa.


I paired the dress and jewellery with my white and gold YSL arty ring, some Betts Dorothy glitter pumps (which apparently come up more silver than gold in pictures), and a nice white and gold beaded clutch from Forever New. I really love how it all turned out. Not something I usually wear but perfect for a summer cocktail birthday party.

Recently I’ve been playing with different outfits revolving around the dress; hopefully I can fond plenty more to style it with. Definitely a great buy!


P.s. My brother just so happens to own the room with the full length mirror in it and happened to have tyres sitting in there on the weekend. Related: I feel like they make me look even shorter! Oh dear.