Skin Care Regime


So I finally have a new skin care regime and so far I’m liking it. In the past I’ve always used an entire skin care range for blemish-prone/oily skin but it’s always been a little strong for me. However, working with skin care has taught me I don’t need to stick to a whole range (especially a whole range of strong blemish fighting treatments) and than in fact, most people will benefit from using products in different ranges to address their needs.

So because my skin tends to be a tad dull I’m now using The Body Shop’s Vitamin C facial polish, with their Seaweed mattifying moisture lotion for oil control, with a nice gentle Kiehl’s cucumber herbal toner – I use this twice a day. I’ve been using the cleanser and moisturiser about a month or two now and my skin has been looking and feeling great. More radiant thanks to the cleanser and less oily thanks to the moisturiser. Clearly I did not need as much oily control as I thought and I think I may have been stripping too much oil away, causing my glands to over-produce. The toner is nice but I won’t see the real result until my skin has gone through its full 28 day skin cell renewal process.

Next I’m going to get Body Shop’s Seaweed mask and night cream, the Vitamin C microdermabrasion exfoliator and possibly a serum – in other words: when I have enough money. In case you were wondering, a serum hydrates the skin deeper than your normal moisturiser which effects the top skin layers, therefore a serum is what helps keep your skin looking young and healthy.

The other great thing about the range I’m now using: cheaper than Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Solutions. Not by a huge amount, only about $30 (for a full cleanse, tone, moisturise set), however any much more cheaper and I must admit I’d be skeptical about the ingredient quality.

Don’t get me wrong, Clinique is an amazing wonderful brand, but my skin doesn’t like their skin care range. And I’ve tried most of it. Their make-up however is still superior to everything I’ve tried (Chanel is next on my list of things to try) and it would take something amazing to pull me away from my Perfectly Real Liquid Foundation and my Almost Mineral Powder – they’re a perfect colour match. Their line-smoothing concealer is still my number one for days I’m doing proper make-up and need full under eye coverage, while Body Shop’s flawless concealer is fantastic for no-make-up/minimal-make-up days – but if we were to get into concealers for everywhere but the eyes, the two brands are evenly matched.

If you’re having skin problems and don’t have a very large budget for skincare products, go visit the Body Shop because I’m quite impressed by the quality of their skin care and I’m hard to convince about quality unless I experience it myself. Plus all the girls at TBS go through quite a detailed skincare consultation course where they learn how to determine what’s good for what skin. My training taught me all about aquaporoms, skin cell renewal, sensitivities and more! Also facial brushes are amazing. Even if you have a skincare regime that’s working well for you, go get a facial brush. I couldn’t even get my mascara off with make-up remover before I discovered them. And finally, if you’re still having problems with your skin re-evaluate your choice in make-up. It might not be the right type for your skin and if you’re wearing it nearly everyday like me it’s important to get it right.

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