An online shopping dilemma


I’ve had this strange obsession with this gorgeous Faded Daisy Dress from Life With Bird ever since it hit the online store. I adore the cut of this dress and love the print, until I saw a close up of it that is. As much as I love this dress, I can’t get past the fact the leopard print isn’t just your good old black and white.


I’m not a huge print girl, and while I adore this dress I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to risk buying it (I’m nowhere near a LWB store or stockist to try it on, so I’d be buying blind over the net). I guess for myself, even though I buy online regularly, I tend to stick to things that I can work out how they’ll sit on me, or prints and cuts I know I’ve liked in the past.

Below are two classic examples of things I would buy because I know how they will sit on me and that I’ll actually wear the print (or colour, in this case) because they will suit me. LWB’s hypnotist top and s/s shirt dress.

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For example, I would probably never buy a strapless dress online because I have a hard time holding them up (I’ve only ever bought 3 in my life). Funnily enough, my 21st birthday dress was a gorgeous strapless Zimmermann number I never expected to love or be able to hold up (in fact it’s the only one of three that fits properly and that I genuinely adore) — I’d seen it online but it wasn’t till I saw it on myself that I realized how lovely it was.

My advice, take a risk when buying online every now and then, but try on lots of different shapes and prints in your local store so you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work on you. Also, never go online shopping without a tape measure that has both centimeters and inches on it!

Sass & Bide Wishlist

I’ve been staring at the Sass & Bide site for a few days now, wondering what I prefer most and what I should treat myself to. So far, I can’t make a decision — so many different outfit possibilities. So I thought I’d share my wish-list with you all.

Firstly, I’m lusting after some amazing black pieces. More specifically: the master pant, the side of life jacket, and the flashback top. Gorgeous, simple, and chic.


Next, I’m currently wanting new jumpers to add to my already too large collection for someone who lives in the tropics. Realistically, two hoodies, a knit jumper, two jackets, a leather jacket and three cardigans is more than enough in a city you only really need a jumper for a month in winter and when you go to the supermarket or movies. Such a fashion girl problem, right? I must admit though, as cute as the one to watch long sleeve tee is, I just adore the it’s just a memory top more because of the sequin back. I can picture them perfectly with chunky gold jewellery, purple coated skinnies and a chunky black heel and bag.




Leather bustier. Need I say more about this one? It’s a tad sexy, and I love it (although not for wearing myself. I wonder if I could get one of my friends into this one).


I don’t normally like tops like this one, with the denim combo, but I just adore this for some reason. Possibly something to do with the creamy silk it’s contrasted against. Similar to the sequin knit, pair with chunky gold jewellery, black skinnies, a potentially leopard print pumps for added spice. Despite it being a little far from my usual style, I surprisingly like the idea of an outfit like this on myself. But I can imagine this would look good on quite a few people.


Don’t forget to comment and let me know what your favourite Sass & Bide pieces are right now too!

Beach babe

Who doesn’t like a cute beach dress? Definitely not me, that’s for sure! And who doesn’t need multiple of them so you can colour co-ordinate with your bikini?

2 Chillies essential beach kaftan – probably my favourite of my favourites!

Tigerlily zofia dress in indigo

You can find heaps of cute beach dresses at Surfstitch – just in time for the weekend too!

Rag & Bone ankle booties


Rag & Bone booties from Madison Los Anglese

So chunky ankle booties are everywhere at the moment and my god are they cute. You may remember from a few posts ago my lovely Tony Bianco Devon ankle booties; well Rag & Bone has that similar chunky boot in at the moment and they are simply divine. You can find them on Madison Los Angeles online at the moment.

H by Hudson horrigan suede wrap strap booties from Shopbop

But if these are a bit out of your price range then keep an eye out because Tony Bianco and Rag & Bone aren’t the only people producing these hot little numbers with the likes of Shakuhachi, Rachel Comey, H by Hudson, Topshop Witchery also getting in on the action.

Rachel Comey Huron perforated booties Shopbop

Go for a biker chic style boot with a heel roughly 6-8cm for comfort and a bit of a boost. Trust me, once you put a pair of these on you won’t want to take them off!


Topshop achieve elastic side boot

Green With Envy E-Boutique

So excited that Green With Envy’s e-boutique is live! I’m not sure how long it’s been live, but super exciting news nonetheless. I loved the store’s collection on the trips I’ve made down south and now I don’t have to wait for a Melbourne trip to get it. Some of the brands they stock I’ve been struggling to find a decent collection of online.
So because it’s lecture recess and I have plenty of time on my hands, here are all of my current lusts from the site! Enjoy!

Therese Rawsthorne 200 Balloons Dress – you may have noticed me drooling over this shape for a while now. I just love this feminine shape and in this case, the way the material and colour contrast it. Can you imagine this with a wicked black pair of (potentially stud covered) pumps?


Shakuhachi leather angled skirt – if only they had my size. I love the cut of this skirt: classy, yet a little bit interesting and different.


Nicola Finetti block out full circle dress – as much as I don’t wear pale blue, I adore this. It reminds me of a very chic Alice In Wonderland outfit.


Manning Cartell magic flute drape dress – the cut of this dress is beyond amazing. And the colour is amazing. I don’t even know what I’d pair this with because I can’t think past the gorgeous shape and colour.


Lover infinity tuxedo jacket in ruby – I really don’t think this needs much of an explanation. Just amazing. I’d pair it with matching coloured heels and would wear everything else – nice top and fitted pants – in jet-black (including dark eye makeup) for a strong, sexy look.


Lover serpent mini dress in black – I tired this on in David Jones and wished I hadn’t. So amazing, fit perfectly, and out of my budget.


Kirrily Johnston stretch leather dress – just wicked.


Josh Goot clean a-line skirt – is there anyone around who doesn’t love this print?


Josh Goot leather quilted harness crop top with quilted mini leather skirt – so not my personal style but I love it nonetheless.


Ginger & Smart inca robot dress


Ellery barbados bell skirt dress in black


Ellery Barbados lace dress – oh, look at that lace! Amazing!


Ellery Scorpio rising blazer in yellow – so not my colour but so ridiculously amazing. What a cut!


Ellery graphite a line dress in black – I’ve loved this since the moment I set eyes in it. So very me!


Camilla and Marc Rhiannon draped pleated dress – not too bad a colour but it’s the cut that I love. So sexy and feminine.


Mint Green Equipment


I’ve been dying for an Equipment top for ages and have also been obsessing about finding a lovely mint something. So when I saw this gorgeous mint sleeveless button-up on Shopbop, I knew I had to have it.

Now I knew it’d be long on me, however it turns out it’s actually a relatively modest mini-dress on me – damn my vertically challenged-ness. It’s also slightly too wide despite being an extra-small.


Regardless I love it and am currently thinking of the most useful way to alter it. I’m thinking an inch off either side seam and possibly 2-3 off the hem. At first I may just alter the width however, and see if I use it as a dress or even a jacket. I have a feeling though I will take it up so I can wear it with my silk shorts. We’ll see what happens and I’ll update you all when I make a decision.

Lesson: don’t buy something unless you’re like me and happy to alter it. I have a good dressmaker and figure if I like something I will find a way to make it work. Others may find this too much hassle, which is perfectly fine, but pick your purchases wisely!

The Secret Garden Top


Oh my lord I’m so excited about what arrived in the mail today! We Are Handsome’s The Secret Garden top from Coggles! Yay!

It took exactly 2 weeks to arrive in Australia from the UK and my god is this top cool.

I’m thinking this might just be my Groovin The Moo outfit (which is less than 1 month away). My only concern is how sunburnt my shoulders and mid-drift could get.

Regardless, I have many places I could wear it and have already tried it on with a large portion of my wardrobe. So. Many. Options. One in particular I’ll be doing is this amazing top with my black Zimmermann skater skirt and some awesome pumps.

God I love We Are Handsome’s stuff. Next on my wish list: their snow leopard print!