Zimmermann Dress Lusts

Some of my favourite pieces from the newest Zimmermann collection. I’m loving the neutral colours.

I adore the Tender Calligraphy Skater Dress because of its gorgeous print and its great shape; I’m a sucker for a high neckline while revealing my shoulders.

The beige Silk Strapless Tie Dress is so simple and elegant. Perfect for nearly any occasion, it would look great with harsh black accessories.

The Silk One Shoulder Dress is such a great colour – so refreshing and bold without being too in-your-face. Zimmermann sure does know how to drape silk around a woman’s body.

The Tender Lace Drape Dress is just to die for. The lace is absolutely amazing and I love the shape – great for accentuating those shoulders and the curve of the hip.

All are so very gorgeous, but I think my favourite is the Calligraphy Skater Dress. I just can’t go past that shape!

The latests from Zimmermann
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I'm a 20-year-old, 3rd year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Journalism student majoring in Economics and Regional Development. I love fashion and the arts (in particular, dance) and plan to pursue a career in either fashion or news journalism.

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