Double Breast-Pocket Shirts

Kim Kardashian in Equipment Signature Blouse

What fashion-savvy girl isn’t obsessed with Equipment‘s signature blouse right now? One of the hottest basics on the market at the moment, the Equipment shirt is your typical double breast pocket button-up in the most magical silk ever. Okay, yes, that sounded quite lame; but they do feel amazing on.

Equipment Signature Blouse

I have a sneaking suspicion that the double pocket shirt looks good on all girls whether you are blessed with DDs or AA size boobs. Fortunate, huh? Especially when you consider that for some girl, finding a nice button-up can be difficult.

Eva Longoria in Equipment Signature Blouse

If you can’t afford to pull out AUD$200+ for an Equipment shirt, there are plenty of alternatives. My favourite is from Forever New. Now they’re slightly different in a way, but they still look fabulous and they come in an arab of colours. I own fuchsia, leopard print and cream. For less than $70 a pop they’re a total bargain! A white button up is essential for everyone (girls and boys) wardrobe, while fuchsia is a super fun colour to wear and will always turn a few heads. Leopard I simply had to get because of an Olivia Palermo outfit which I adore. I just need to find a similar skirt now.


So what are you waiting for? This style of shirt matchs nearly everything and everyone! Roll the sleeves up, tuck the front it, belt it – you name it, you rock it. So hurry up and go grab yourself one!




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