The black pants conundrum


A search for the perfect pair of black pants is always cursed. You’ll find heaps of amazing, well cut, decently priced black pants when you’re not looking and don’t need any. Then, the second you need a pair of black pants, not one single pair will fit you, or flatter your, or be within your budget.

I experienced this so bad over the last 2 years. The first year and a half I was bombarded with great Lisa Ho, DVF, MarcCain, Cambio in every cut and fabric imaginable. But I had no need for them. I passed up many $400+ designer slacks that were reduced to less than $100 all the time, many of which fit me—and size 6-8 designer slacks don’t often get left till sale time and if they do they sell instantaneously.

Then I needed pants for internship and of course I couldn’t find a single pair. I looked everywhere. Nothing for under $150 fit. Heck, barely anything about $150 fit properly. Many were tight in the thighs and loose in the hips and none were what I was looking for.

Finally I had a stroke of luck. After being given a shopping centre gift voucher for Christmas, i decided to go shipping. I wanted an amazing red bag from Forever New. My boyfriend of all people dragged me to Cue and told the sales lady to give me every pair of size 6 black pants in store (Cue sizes are slightly off in case anyone noticed… A 6 is more like an 8).

I protested something chronic to what boyfriend was doing but much to my surprise I found a pair that fit. Ironically a bootleg-kinda cut which I was leaning away from in fear of looking like my mother. Turns out when you’ve got your mother’s exact figure it’s hard to avoid the same clothes. So I bought them; bitter I couldn’t buy a bag instead. I must admit, thank god I did. They’re very comfortable and they do flatter my figure. Many of the tighter leg styles I tried ended up bunching at my knee and looking silly—especially in a lighter fabric. They’re easy to move in to, which is handy for work.

Next time I get dragged to try on black slacks, I don’t think I’ll protest so much!

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