LBB – Little Black Boots

One thing I noticed while I was holidaying in Melbourne is that majority of the sales assistants in the boutiques I visited had a pair of black ankle boots with a cute little heel on them. I could not get over how many of them were walking around and in all manner of different styles and materials. Seeing this sparked a search for my very own pair of black boots; because, let’s face it, they looked comfy and I too work in retail and figured “might as well join them”.

Tony Bianco Devon boots in black diesel/black wax

After much searching and nearly buying a cute pair from Topshop (until I decided I could not be bothered wading through the crowd to get to a sales assistant) I came across an amazing pair at Santini in Flinders Lane. Funnily enough, when I looked inside to find the brand I discovered they were Tony Bianco boots – I think they have a magnetic hold on me.

Tony Bianco Devon boots in Fudge diesel/choc wax

The name of the boots is Devon and they’re part of the current collection available in Tony Bianco stores, stockists and their online store. Unfortunately both Santini and Tony Bianco Melbourne Central had no 5.5s in stock so I had to order them online but by doing so I saved close to $30. The boots retail at $179.95 AUD but with my gold VIP discount and $11.93 in loyalty points built up, the boots came down to $150.03 – bargain!

Tony Bianco Devon boots in black diesel/black wax, Country Road top worn as dress, Diva necklace, Dinosaur Designs bangle

They arrived in my mail box yesterday and even though I had nowhere to go I walked around the house in them all day. So far, it seems like the girls at Santini was right: they’re super comfortable and kind of fun to wear as well. I have many a black dress that they’ll go nicely with (including my new Country Road top which is a dress on me, pictured above) as well as cute denim shorts (which my Nan protested would look too provocative) and other floaty dresses.

They come in other colours such as a nice midnight blue suede, a nice fudge (see the second picture) as well as an awesome choc diesel. You know you want a pair, so head to either or and get in on the Melbourne retail assistant trend so that you’ve got a nicely broken in before winter hits (which is unfortunately forever away for us Aussies – especially those of us who live above Brisbane!)

Name/Domain Change

Okay I swear this is the last time I change the name and address of this blog. I’ve been debating for ages about a suitable name and because I couldn’t get Rosie Chic as an address I had to come up with something else.

For those wondering, the name is not only about my journey to become more chic but also a play on the word becoming as in “What a becoming dress!”.

I feel like the older I get, the more I learn about fashion and the more I learn about myself. I feel I still have a long way to go sometimes before I can consider myself chic but I will strive to get there. Hopefully my new blog’s name will reflect this journey. I will also be striving this year to blog more often even though I’ll be in my final year of university. Fingers crossed I can do it!

People’s Choice Award: Miley Cyrus


Of all the outfits from the people’s choice awards I’ve seen so far, Miley Cyrus is my favourite. She wore a stunning David Korma yellow dress with a plunging neckline, mesh panels and an embellished skirt.

I think what I adore about this outfit is how chic it is — it’s completely event appropriate, a little more out-there while still being dressy and keeping it simple. The colour on Miley is great an I adore her hair as well — again it’s a bit funky while still being elegant.


Her red Jimmy Choo pumps go perfectly with the embellishments on the dress and I like how she’s gone for simple Neil Lane studs instead of something dangly and her Marchesa clutch ties in nicely too.

Miley has definitely hit my top best dressed spot for the 2012 PCAs. Now let’s just hope she continues looking this chic instead of wearing some of the monstrosities she’s worn to awards ceremonies in the past!

Today’s Outfit: Leopard madness


A new outfit of mine I wore for the first time last week at Chadstone. Colour blocking done differently on me for once. I adore this outfit: easy to wear, super comfy and looks great. I also just wore subtle make-up and hair because it’s such an out-there outfit for me.
Top: Cue
Jeans: Paige Premium Denim
Accessories: Louis Vuitton bag, Natasha sandals, YSL arty ring

Melbourne Shopping

After a week in Melbourne I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the fashion the city has to offer. I love Melbourne immensely and it’s on my list of places I’d like to live in at some point. The weather is obviously a little crazy but the people are nice and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Melbourne Central is probably one of my favourite places. Mainly because I stay at the Mercure Welcome Hotel while I’m down there and the hotel is on the Bourke St Mall and very close to Melb Central. The shops inside the centre are great; a nice mixture between High St fashion and designer pieces. I bought a couple of lovely pieces there such as this easy-to-wear and versatile dress from Country Road. It’s actually a top, however when you’re a petite 157 centimeters tall it’s easy to blur the line between top and dress. 20120109-003941.jpg
I wore the dress for the first time on Saturday and received many compliments on it. Such a Rosie dress and such a great buy for $100!
I also bought this hot little ensemble from Kookai in Melbourne Central. A simple grey tank is an item all girls should have in their wardrobe to wear under things, on their own or in case you need to throw something on in a hurry. One can never have too many black skirts either – I find especially if you’re young, a girl needs a nicely cut bodycon black skirt for wearing under baggy tops, with a fitted top for a sexier look and for all manner of other uses.
Now I haven’t bought the above jacket, however I’m seriously considering ringing David Jones and phone ordering it. A bit exxy but this Camilla and Marc jacket is the first black jacket I’ve liked on me.
Above is the Zimmermann dress I bought at the Zimmermann boutique in QV. Of all the sales assistants in Melbourne, I think these girls were the best. Genuinely happy and nice, they didn’t even bat an eyelid when I kept asking for sizes and colours. Needless to say I was more than happy to purchase this dress there on sale (unfortunately it was reduced again later in the week, oh well). I plan on buying the purple equivalent of the necklace in the pic from Diva and maybe wearing it to my 21st birthday bash. Such a gorgeous dress and I don’t normally wear strapless either. Some self-fashion rules are made to be broken.
Zara was a very interesting trip. A rather messy store and the locals seem to have pillaged all the good stuff, however, I did still find a great pair of black studded, pointy toe heels. After a trip to David Jones I discovered they’re kind of a knock off of Christian Louboutin heels, only way cheaper while still looking good.

Speaking of shoes, I feel in love with a pair of Tony Bianco Devon black diesel/black wax boots. I picked them up in Santini thinking “oh wow, these are amazing”, only to look inside and discover they’re by my favourite shoe brand. I purchased them online due to no stores having a 5.5 and by buying through TB themselves I got a $30 discount using loyalty points and my Gold VIP card discount of 10%. So comfortable and such a bargain. Just like the $10 pair of loafers I got from Rubi Shoes. Decent quality for the price I paid too.

Also on my purchases list, Nicholas shorts from Green With Envy Richmond and a Sass & Bide top from Chadstone (another 21st outfit option).


Also Mum bought me two bracelets from Dinosaur Designs, the funkiest jewelry shop I’ve seen in a while. Both are great colours and I love that one looks like a lolly snake.

I also found myself a lovely purple clutch from New Republic. Apparently the owner is linked to wholesale for Country Road. $100 for this leather baby.

Expect a post about Sydney soon as well as a new favourite outfit of mine I debuted in Melbourne! Happy 2012 all!


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! I enjoyed both thoroughly. I thought I’d share some pic of the lovely gift my family gave me and of the day I had. I spent it between 3 different families and are so much it wasn’t even funny.







Above is my new phone case 🙂

P.s. sorry for the delayed post, I didn’t realize it don’t post!