We Are Handsome: The Romantic 2012

Australian brand We Are Handsome has released pictures of their 2012 range called The Romantic and I’m already excited for these pieces to hit my nearest stockist (that is if I don’t get impatient and buy it online first!)

I’ve already sussed out what items I’ll be gunning for (pictured below) and you can check out the rest of their upcoming range on their website.

The Secret Garden corset bikini and The Lover shorts – absolutely gorgeous

I love a fab mis-matched bikini and this one is screaming my name! The Secret Garden print is feminine and also a bit sneaky if you look closely enough. I’m also addicted to rose scents, prints and basically anything else rose related so of course I adore The Lover shorts.

The Secret Garden sleeveless mini dress

A sleeveless We Are Handsome dress is just what my wardrobe needs (seeing as I already have too sleeved mini dresses from the past two collections). Gorgeous print, perfect for the tropical climate I live in. God I love this! They’re also doing leggings in this print however I don’t know if I’m brave enough for it. Maybe if I find a great charcoal tank to go over the top I will. We’ll see.

The Lillium deep V one piece and The Fighter shoulder top

The fact that We Are Handsome is doing floral prints really is quite exciting. I’m not usually a floral girl however their prints are a bit different from normal such as the above Lillium print. I also love the snow leopard print that is The Fighter – fierce!

The Secret Garden panel one piece

The Secret Garden panel one piece

Fingers crossed they hit stores soon!



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