Today’s Outfit: Christmas Day

I always like to have a new outfit to wear for three events of the year: my birthday, Christmas day and new year’s. Luckily this year on my super-limited-pre-Melbourne-trip-budget I found a great dress for $60 from Princess Polly.

The brand is Paper Holly and they’ve done the cut of dress in quite a few colours and prints—I chose the pinky/beige with a floral print. A word of warning about this dress, the bust space is ridiculously small. I’m normally an Australia size 6 or 0 depending on how it’s sized (US2), however there was no way the 6 was going to do up past my waist. I purchased the size 8 but after wearing it all day I decided that I probably could have gone for a 10 (except it’s likely a 10 waist would have been too big) as I was feeling like I was wearing a corset.

Regardless, I love the dress and will simply get it taken out a centimeter or two when I have time.


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