Today’s Outfit: comfy exam chic


Today was my second exam out of three and I felt slightly under-prepared no thanks to some unforeseen events that disrupted my study.

To combat my feeling of not being ready I decided to do myself up in a casual chic look so at least one part of me was prepared for the day ahead.

Sometimes I feel by dressing up before a long or stressful I put my mind in the right headspace to tackle whatever comes at me. I’m not sure if others experience this feeling but try dressing up of you wake up on the wrong side of bed and you may just feel better!

So I chose to don a favourite casual dress of mine by American Vintage. I adore this shade of blue and the shape of this dress–it flatters most figures and comes in many colours.

The blue went fabulously with my new Longchamp bag which I had stuffed full with ny pencil case, calculator, diary and various other exam necessities.

To add a bit of glam to the outfit I wore my comfy Natasha diamanté t-bar sandals and my gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent ring—and of course my Tiffany and Co necklace which I’ve barely taken off since I bought it.

Needless to say I was super comfy and I also came out of the exam feeling like I did a good job.

The one trick with dressing for uni, especially in a regional city, is not to overdo it. Majority of students are in classes all day and when they’re not it’s ridiculously humid outside; so everyone gets around in denim shorts/ruggers and singlets.

My boyfriend has always joked that he noticed me in classes purely on the fact I’ve was overdressed compared to everyone else—overdressed meaning standard retail assistant hair/make-up/clothes where I usually was before class.

Comfy summer dresses are a must for the hotter months at uni and won’t make you look overdressed with understated jewelry. Skater skirts and casual maxis paired with a simple top is another great, feminine outfit idea for uni without looking too dressy.

So have a play and don’t be afraid to try something different. Truly stylish people aren’t just the people who know how to dress up, but the people who know how to dress stylishly on their day off!


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