Christmas goodies


One of the reasons I enjoy Christmas has nothing to do with Christmas in a way. Every year around the holiday season make-up companies seem to release awesome little gift packs filled with great make-up and it’s usually heaps cheaper than normal.

Lancôme does a great little eye kit every now and then, consisting of one of their mascaras, eye make-up remover and an eyeliner for the same price as the mascara normally. Good bargain! Plus the Hypnôse Drama mascara is only sold in certain stores (at least, according to a make-up assistant) and luckily was one of the mascaras offered in a pack. I refuse to use any other mascara as this is by far the best brand and type I’ve come across.

Make sure you head to your local chemist, department store or beauty shop to see what deals they have in store. Do not miss out on saving some money and trying a few new pieces. Like me, you might be able to do your yearly make-up change over and pick up some extra bits and bobs on the way!


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