Things I want right now

Things that I’m lusting after and totally want right now:

Sass & Bide Five Minutes Later Pant. I love Sass & Bide’s floaty pants; I have a pair of S&B’s crackerjacks which I wore basically every second day in winter. The colour of these pants is amazing and perfect for colour blocking (think an emerald-green or orange top).

Sass & Bide Good Things Mini Dress. I have my brother’s formal coming up very soon and I’m hoping I can be snuck in as an extra guest (they have a stupid 2 guest rule); so I will be needing a dress which is where this little baby comes in. Dressy, but not overly dressy like a maxi (which could cause me to get mistaken for one of the students). I’m definitely considering this along with another dress I’ll show later.

Sass & Bide Think It Over Skirt. As soon as I saw this skirt I was in love. I’m thinking paired with some amazing embellished flats and a charcoal top for a smart casual look.

Speaking of charcoal shirts, check out the Sass & Bide Don’t Look Back Tee. I love this weaved pattern and when paired with a cute pair of denim cut-offs and some Vans Authentics you get the perfect outfit for a hot Aussie summer at a music festival.

Next up is a Witchery outfit I totally adore. Witchery’s Sliced Relaxed Top in mandarin paired with a pair of Denim Shorts in cobalt. Orange and cobalt blue is one of my favourite colour blocking combinations. This outfit makes a casual lunch or shopping date with the girls easy, just add accessories. I’m currently tore between spending my gift voucher from the Castletown Connexion blogging competition on a blue pair of shorts or a red pair. Maybe I should go for both?

More fashion lusts to come soon! Happy shopping!


Shopbop Lusting

I’m totally lusting over some of Shopbop’s newest pieces! Ages ago when I first started shopping on Shopbop I set up the ‘My Designers’ page and it’s proven to be great. They send a decent number of email updates when new items from your favourite designers come in and Shopbop also let’s you know when your favourite items go on sale. So after receiving my latest email update I decided it was time for a blog with my current fave items.

First up, a Parker cluster beaded v neck dress in mauve. Super sparkly and fun; this dress is the ultimate party dress. I love the colour of this dress as well because it’s cute and will match heaps of shoes and clutches. Definitely a great investment dress!

Parker Cluster Beaded V Neck Dress

My next favourite dress is very similar to the first–it’s both beaded and from the same Parker collection. Ladies who love a great strapless will adore this dress (it’s too cute for words!) Like the v neck dress, this dress is very versatile and will go great in your wardrobe for a fantastic night out. Parker cluster beaded strapless dress in mauve.

Parker Cluster Beaded Strapless Dress

My third favourite Shopbop dress right now is again by Parker (what can I say, they do great dresses). The lovely long sleeves and the soft lavender colour ticks all of the boxes on my dress requirements list. There’s just something about a long-sleeved floaty dress with a short hem that I adore. Parker long sleeve dress in lavender.

Parker Long Sleeved Dress in Lavender

Anyways head to Shopbop and check out some of their amazing pieces on offer and don’t forget to suss out Parker while you’re at it–I promise you won’t regret it!

Today’s Outfit


Today’s outfit for a day of uni work and lunch with the boyfriend consisted of:
• Oneteaspoon hawks in blanco
• Someday’s Lovin’ printed top
• YSL arty ring
• Natasha t-bar sandals
• LV bag
• Fishtail braid
• pink/brown/cream hues for my eyeshadow

Overall a very comfy outfit that I haven’t tried before. Cute & summery!

P.S. Excuse the ridiculous mess that is my boyfriend’s room!

ASOS lust

This afternoon I spent a few hours lusting after some clothes on ASOS and I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all! I may not be able to afford any clothes for the next few weeks (thanks to too much splurging on things in Auckland) but I can at least look… And maybe if I’m naughty I’ll turn a blind eye and sneak something past my self-imposed clothes ban.

Outfit lust #1: ASOS Petite dress with full pleated skirt and sequin embellishment $123.30

I love this so much; it’s the perfect balance between a party dress and a chic dinner gown. I don’t often buy dresses that hit just below the knee because they usually make me look shorter than I already am; but I would probably make an exception for this dress. Ladies, if you’re tall-ish, please buy this!


Outfit lust #2: ASOS Petite Exclusive mesh insert skater dress AU$73.98

I love this because it’s so very lady-like and reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s a shame my city doesn’t have any more racing events coming up otherwise I’d have a great excuse to wear it. Melbourne Cup, perhaps?


Outfit lust #3: ASOS Exclusive playsuit with pleat neck detail (in either purple or blue) AU$57.54

The budget might be tight post-holiday but this is so cute I’m having a lot of trouble resisting it. Perfect for a hot summer’s night out on the town, or for lunch with the girls. I just need to work out which colour I prefer.


Outfit lust #4: ASOS Petite green skinny jeans AU$52.61

I’ve been wanting a pair of green skinny jeans ever since the coloured jeans trend started, but I figured I start with colbalt blue and work my way from there. Now that I own a cobalt blue and maroon red pair, I think it’s time to progress onto green. This ASOS pair are just the right price to sneak into my limited clothes budget at the moment too.


Outfit lust #5: ASOS lace shell top AU$36.17

Another item I am seriously considering breaking my clothes ban for. I’ve always wanted a black lace top but I’ve never found the right cut; I love this top because it has no puffy sleeves and it’s just simple and chic.


Outfit lust #6: ASOS Petite super long pussy bow blouse (in black or white) AU$49.32

Pussy bow blouses are one of my favourite types of tops around. Of course the only problem for me is the sleeves are usually too long–which is where ASOS Petite comes in handy. The oversized bow is very cute and this top would match my Zimmermann skater skirt nicely. Definitely the kind of shirt you don’t lean over the table in though!


Outfit lust #7: Ally Capellino bracelets AU$62.47

I’ll admit it, I’m a serial bracelet addict; I’m sure one can never have enough of them! This bracelet is one I would love to add to my collection.


Last, but not least, outfit lust #8: French Connection silk shift dress with beaded collar, on sale for AU$118.37

Probably my favourite of all the items I’ve pictured. I love the beading on the collar, as well as the lovely colour and the unique back. I can think of so many places to wear this dress. Another one to add to the list of things I’m considering breaking my clothes ban for.

And now I must be off to contemplate whether one of these lovely pieces is worth breaking the clothes ban for. Feel free to comment and tell me your favourite item!

Castletown Connexion Blog Competition Update

Unfortunately, I did not make it through to the top 5 in the Castletown Connexion blog competition. I am quite disappointed as I really wanted the position because it would not only have been fun but would have looked good on my resume; such is life, I suppose.

Anyway the video I shot for it turned out a lot better than I thought it would; I was a bit nervous when I was being filmed as I’ve never been on camera before. But luckily I only had a few slip ups and did a pretty good job. I was never going to get enough Facebook likes to get through as one of the two Facebook choices and unfortunately the judges didn’t see what they were looking for in me.

Two of my friends, however, got through–Lucy Jackson as a people’s choice and Melanie McDowall as a judge’s choice–and Mel ended up winning the competition! I’m very glad she won because her and Lucy both have a great (yet very different) sense of style and are very dedicated to fashion. Check out my video and see what you think. I’ll upload some of my other blogs that I did for the competition a bit later. Expect more blog posts from me in the next few months as uni is just about over for the year which means I will have heaps of time on my hands to blog about all my fashion finds and lusts!