Zara Prettys

Zara has some lovely stuff in it by the looks of their online store. Before the big opening of their Sydney store a few months ago, I’d never heard of them. Now, I want to go shopping in their store!
It all appears to be lovely but well-priced fashion and very on trend. However, I’m sure there a quite a few classics in the mix as well.
Two of my favorite items I’ve been drooling over on their website include their two toned sandals and this lovely hot pink strappy dress.
The next time I head to Sydney, I will be braving the crowds to check out the store for sure!!



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About rosalives

I'm a 20-year-old, 3rd year Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Journalism student majoring in Economics and Regional Development. I love fashion and the arts (in particular, dance) and plan to pursue a career in either fashion or news journalism.

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