Dressy Knitwear!


WItchery Sequin Striped Tunic Blk/Khaki $169.95



During my retail therapy session this evening I came across a piece of knitwear that I actually like! Living in the tropics means I avoid most forms of winter clothes like the plague – no-one really wants to wear a knitted jacket when winter here is around 15-25 degrees (and that’s if you’re lucky).

Witchery, however, has brought out a gorgeous black/khaki sequin striped tunic in their A/W 2011 collection. It’s amazing. Dressy, elegant and perfect for winter… That is, if it gets cold enough to wear it. You can wear it tight or go for a larger size and wear it a bit baggier, and can be worn as either a dress (if you’re short like me) or as a long top (which is how most people will probably wear it). What would I pair this subtly sexy ensemble with? Dangling earrings, my new Tony Bianco Farren wedges in Stone Chicago, and of course a nice black clutch.

What makes this tunic even better? Until Sunday you can get $30 off the $169.95 price tag thanks to the $250 Towards The Ultimate Witchery A/W11 Wardrobe deal going on right now. Now all I have to decide is whether or not I’ll be too hot in it (temperature wise of course).