Tony Bianco Farren


Tony Bianco Farren wedge in Stone Chicago AUD$179.95

The über popular Farren wedge by Tony Bianco was on the feet of every second girl when I visited Melbourne in January and it was only a matter of time before I caved to the gorgeous-ness of this shoe and got one for myself!

With a 13.5cm heel these Stone Chicago coloured wedges are surprisingly easy to walk in (much more so than my 15cm stiletto heeled Vera clogs). They’re also super light, so I’m assuming they have a hollow heel. With such a high platform I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear them for a long period of time without getting sore feet.

These babies retail for AUD$179.95 and are also available in Black Chicago and Flesh Suede (which I probably would have preferred if there had been any left in my size).

Witchery A/W ’11

Witchery A/W 2011 bag - $189 full-priced, $159 with promotional offer

As part of Witchery’s A/W 2011 collection they are offering customers $250 towared their wardrobe.

One of the first deals was $30 off any bag from the new collection. With the A/W collection boasting some fantastic bags, I jumped on this deal straight away; I snapped up a cute tan leather, long gold strap bag for $159 ($189 full priced). Since I bought this one, I haven’t used any other bag. It matches everything and it fits just the right amount of stuff. Perfect for nights out at dinner when a clutch is too small but a bag is just too big.
If you’d like to take advantage of the Witchery A/W 2011 deals, visit their website.

These are a few of my (current) favourite things

Tony Bianco Farren wedges, True Religion Joey Cut-Off shorts, Witchery A/W '11 bag, Kookai top, JKC bangle

A compilation of my current favorite things. My new True Religion Joey Cut-Off shorts are fantastic – these are the shorts I ordered off For a casual look I paired them with a cute black Kookai top, a gold Robert Clerc necklace, “Ripped off by CHANEL” JKC bangle & my new Witchery bag. But I couldn’t help putting my new Tony Bianco Farren wedges in Stone Chicago on because they’re so gorgeous!

Jumping on the clog bandwagon


Red Sportsgirl clogs - on sale for AUD$29.95


I’ve loved this trend since the minute I saw it – the new-age clog is a fantastic alternative to wearing sky-high heels all day and they’re perfect for an Australian summer! Originally, I wanted a pair of Funkis clogs, however Sportsgirl, Windsor Smith and nearly everyone else who makes shoes have done similar versions. After a lot of debating – and by a lot of mean months worth – I finally decided to buy the Sportsgirl version as they came in a large multitude of colours. Chocolate brown was my first preference, but alas, they had gone further on sale by the time I’d decided to purchase them and the size 6 was all gone. However, the red clog just had something about it that the others did and so I settled on it instead. For AUD$29.95 though, you cannot go wrong. They’re quite comfortable once you break them in and are apparently quite resistant to rain (as I found out the hard way). If they’re the sort of clog that tickles your fancy I suggest you get your butt down to Sportsgirl ASAP! You won’t regret it!

The first tentative step into online shopping

Yes, it finally happened. I made my first online clothes purchase today and it was a little bit scary. Not only because I hope the AUD$171 True Religion denim shorts I bought fit, but also because I hope I don’t become one of those people who become addicted to online shopping – especially considering my bank account barely manages as it is!


True Religion Joey Cut Off Thigh High Short in Dakota Sky Dark


Ever since I discovered (where I purchased the True Religion shorts) I’ve been fascinated by the range of options that are on offer. The city (or rather, town) where I live has only a fraction of these brands, therefore the online world opens up a whole new realm of options. As someone who works in retail, it does make me feel bad. I feel like I’m cheating on my favourite and most trustworthy stores.


See by Chloe Girls Make Boys Crazy T-Shirt as shown on



But perhaps this is the strange in-between stage experienced by many when they start shopping online. Perhaps my uncertainty about my self-sizing abilities will drift away and my hunger for more unique brands at better prices will start to thrive. For now and until I’ve been and returned from Japan, I’m keeping any online shopping cravings reigned in close. However, you never know, I may become an avid online shopper in the future. Only time will tell!