The Bangle Addiction

I realised quite some time ago that spending money on a cute bangle is not a waste of money due to the fact I wear one with everything I wear, every single day – I’d probably wear one while exercising if I could! When I started at Avanti, all girls from the associated stores been Jessica Kagan Cushman resin bangles with cute sayings carved into them as a Christmas present. Needless to say, I loved them! However, they had all sold out from work and at the time it didn’t occur to me to buy one of the few remaining Sportsgirl rip-offs. A few weeks after I started working at Avanti, I purchased a cute ‘Amore’ bracelet from Tuba Rose in Cairns, late in 2010 I blogged about my newest silver word bangle and now I present you my two latest word bangles, plus a fake jade one.

Green With Envy in Flinders Lane in Melbourne – a fantastic little boutique that has some gorgeous stuff – sells JKC bangles for around $160 each. I ended up getting a cream one with ‘Fashion can be bought Style one must possess’ write around it. However, all of them are just gorgeous and I was extremely tempted to get a black bangle reading ‘Lions, tigers, bears – Oh my!’. Just around the corner in Centre Place is a little boutique called Scarlett & Sly where they happened to be having a sale. I picked up another plastic bangle reading ‘Love’ all around it for $20. The two bangles go great together and go with nearly every outfit I own. Definitely a great investment!


Jessica Kagan Cushman 'Fashion can be bought Style one must possess' white resin bangle from Green With Envy, Love bangle from Scarlett & Sly



During my one day stop-over in Sydney on my way to Tasmania, I took a visit to down to Chinatown. Here I came across a lovely Chinese souvenir store jammed full of knick knacks. Nothing in the store costs more than $20 and majority was priced at $5. Considering an authentic, good quality and colour jade bangle or bracelet costs into the thousands, Mum decided to get us some decent coloured fakes. I never usually approve of fake products, however, a large number people have trouble telling real jade. So who would really know the difference? The woman who ran the store was quite the character; she told me I don’t wear my bangles properly and tried to convince me to buy a fake jade bangle smaller than the one I ended up buying. Apparently, soap and water are the way to get a “good fitting” bangle.

My fake jade bangle goes well with my current wardrobe that consists largely of nudes, blacks, khaki’s and paler colours and it was also handy for keeping my other bracelets on my hand when I slept on the plane – the Chinese woman was a little bit right; the bangles are close to slipping off if I let my hand go slack. But that’s something you just have to deal with when you can only buy ‘one size fits all’.


Fake jade bangle from Chinatown, Sydney.




Zimmermann Lust

I’m a big fan of the Zimmermann Spring/Summer RTW 2010/11 Collection. If I had gotten the chance to get my hands on more I definitely would have taken the chance. Unfortunately, as a non-online shopper and without a Zimmermann boutique or David Jones in the near vicinity, I couldn’t. The collection is full of the most amazingly beautiful prints, styled in cuts ranging from the classical to the modern.

As with most Zimmermann clothes I’ve so far encountered, only a few items fitted me – I find that a Zimmermann size 0 is more often than not, nearly a size to big; limiting my choices. However, Miss Ruby did receive one of my favourites from the collection – the Vertigo Spirograph Tank Dress and luckily for me, it fit!

Being on a budget in order to fuel my shopping spree while on holidays, I didn’t purchase the dress straight away and instead simply stared at it longingly for months. Luckily,  it was meant to be, as I ended up purchasing it on sale for $150 thanks to Christmas money from relatives who didn’t know what to get me. In both Melbourne and Sydney this particular dress has completely sold out from every Zimmermann stockist.

The dress is ultra light (100% silk) and very easy to wear – a t-shirt bra and grey or nude underwear can be easily worn beneath without showing. As the dress is a softer colour, it’s best paired with nude or black accessories. Day or night, this dress is great for all occasions.


Zimmermann Vertigo Spirograph Tank Dress

While on holidays in Melbourne I discovered the Fleeting Tank Dress in Lilac Floral Stripe in David Jones on Bourke Street. This lovely little number is the perfect party dress – it’s girly, it’s comfy (100% silk) and it flatters most shapes. Like the spirograph dress, this is also sold out nearly all Zimmermann boutiques and most David Jones. Although, last time I was there David Jones in Bourke Street did still have 3 or so. This style of dress also comes in a pale purple, black and a blue equivalent of the lilac floral stripe.

The fleeting tank dress goes best with nude accessories that compliment the feminine design of the dress, although, like the spirograph dress, black proves to be a great contrasting colour. For a more casual look tan accessories will dress this gorgeous number down.


Zimmermann Fleeting Tank Dress Lilac Floral Stripe