Willow jackets

One thing I will be chasing around town for when I’m in Melbourne is probably going to be a Willow jacket. The jacket cuts in the ‘Bachelor Girl’ Collection, which is instore now, are just amazing. I’m particularly a fan of the two I’ve pictured below.

Willow jacket


Willow jacket

To be honest though, I just love most of Willow’s collections and will definitely be blogging about my trip to their flagship store sometime next week!




New Tony Bianco’s – Veri and Giga

One of my favourite places to shop whenever I take a trip up to Cairns is the Tony Bianco store at Direct Factory Outlet (DFO). The Cairns store is great for two reasons: firstly, because there are heaps of bargains and sales and secondly, because the staff are always very lovely (always a good thing). During my trip to Cairns for the New Year’s Eve weekend, I just had to make a stop there. Unfortunately, I was given money to buy the Felicia Black Chicago wedges, but they were all sold out (as they are online). Regardless, I found two really great pairs and kept my bank balance happy in the process.

Tony Bianco’s Veri had me drooling at the sight of them. I first spotted them online and kept them in mind for my trip to Cairns. DFO had all manner of sizes and colours and the best part was that they were on sale from $189.95 to $60 – $20 cheaper than they are online. I choose the style in ‘coffee galileo’, however, I also really liked the tan style. For a 15cm heel, they are surprisingly easy to walk in – something I put down to the fact they’re wooden with rubber on the sole. The heels are quite versatile outfit-wise and can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit – such as the casual daytime outfit I’ve paired them with below. If you’re looking for an on-trend heel, but don’t want to wear a heavier clog, then these might be the shoes for you.

Tony Bianco Veri in Coffee Galileo

With kitten heels making a comeback, I figured I’d invest in a pair. Not only are the Giga as comfy as a flat, but they’re also very sweet and perfect for a pretty frock or even a corporate outfit. There’s three colours to choose from, however, I bought the ‘mid brown/sand scorpio’, as it matches potential outfits the easiest.

Tony Bianco Giga in Mid Brown/Sand Scorpio

Tuba Rose, Cairns

If you ever take a trip to Cairns in far north Queensland and don’t know where to head for some cute fashion; head to The Pier on the marina and check out Tuba Rose. With cute clothes by Mink Pink, Blessed Are The Meek, Staple, plus many more, as well as jewelry by Samantha Willis and an array of hot little bags and heels; this well rounded store is definitely worth a visit.
A year ago today I discovered this boutique while in Cairns with family and I went a little crazy and bought heaps. Unfortunately for me, this year’s Cairns trip was on a budget, meaning I couldn’t afford to go crazy a second time. If I could have afforded it, I’m sure I’d have bought a Sass & Bide top or two – a designer only introduced to the store this year it seems – as well as a gold bangle set by Samantha Willis.